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Default Looking for a good job in real estate

I have completed my post graduation in Real Estate (Full-time) from United Kingdom as MSc in Real Estate Management. The course had one year duration.I did applied in most firms in UK , but due to a property market crash in UK , the number of jobs in property sector are reduced to a very large extent.Finally I haven't got any job in UK & returned India with a hope of getting a good job back here. I did applied to most firms possible , but still it have been about 4 months from the day I am back , & I haven't got any job yet.I am in a very frustating situation. Please can anyone suggest me where I can look for job & give me any information about the same.
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Default Only in your best interest ...

Dear Nikhil,

It is none of my business and I have little knowledge about the details of who is who in the RE market (though I do hear of professional companies coming in from abroad like Cushman, etc). But here is some advice based on my own experiences with Bear Markets and employment.

Back in 1992, I had a great job with NIIT. I was also wildly successful with my stock market activities since 1986 (so I had 6 years of track record thru bears as well as bulls). So I decided one sunny day in March 1992 to jump wholesale into Stocks and actually did my full day as a professional Equity Analyst EXACTLY on the very day the Harshad Bull Market collapsed!!! Couldn't have been better at timing it .

As you can see, I survived. But here is the lesson.

Jumping into the worst business vertical in the whole world just as it is completely collapsing (IMHO) may make you a dada in the long run (you can call yourself a real toughy and claim to have seen World War III), but in the near term it will give you a lot of pain. I'm hoping you are still single (otherwise, pressures of taking care of family will only add to the problems).

Why not look at taking up a job in some other industry and look at coming back to this business when it looks up and booms in the next few years.

Meanwhile, you could put in your knowledge to use by working part-time in the RE business (in a consulting role) with various interested parties who may not be able to afford you full-time, but might be interested in your knowledge and skills and willing to pay you less OR on a project basis or something. You might also think of taking some unique business idea (born our of your deep theoretical knowledge of the way RE markets work) and make it work for you as a Web-based service.

The RE business can really take some serious help in transparency and professionalism which people like you can bring in after your advanced education in this area. I have some ideas of starting up Web/SMS based services on the Web in RE to precisely do the same thing. Maybe I can help you?

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The best Idea for you is to run a shop till you don't get a good Job.
As you know many good aspects of Real Estate, So you can run a good Shop
of Real Estate Agency.
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