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Default Commercial Projects along NPR (Dwarka expressway)

Guys, wanted to know if anybody aware of commercial projects along NPR(D-Way). One I know of is IB IT park but its not launched yet.

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well in their amstoria brochure BPTP has marked 3-4 sites as commercial sites owned by them on D eway , so those also might come up in future !
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there is 114 AVENUE in SECTOR 114 by VSR INFRATECH
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Ocus Technnopolis has sold some commercial shops in G99 in prelaunch at around Rs. 7200 psf a couple of months back. They are expected to laaunch once the NPR road from NH to sector 102 is completed.
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there are about 6-7 projects in sector 109 alone , have seen their locations on Sector maps....

So Dwarka Expressway sectors touching delhi will have ample amount of commercials
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I think they should constuct commercials on both sides of NPR, as it is usual in all Indian cities.Where there is a road,there is commercial activity.
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