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Default IREO in trouble?!

Is it the same guy? Were'nt the public told its from a common venture capital fund?
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I checked with Ireo and their office is closed. But the sales guys are saying that Ireo as a company, has nothing to do with CWG. But it seems they have a common director who is also involved in the comapny which got the CWG contracts. God Knows the truth !! I hope they come out with a clear statement by today.
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Default No, Ireo is NOT in trouble.

No, Ireo does not seem to be in trouble at all. IT dept is doing their work and trying to investigate who invested where and what was the source of money. Other than that one of the Ireo directors is director for some other company which got some CWG contract so it's all investigation. I am pretty sure, Ireo is going to come out clean.

Does anybody know about the HC stay on some projects in few sectors of Gurgaon. Is any of Ireo project affected because of it?
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