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  1. mhada girni kamgar flat
  2. Legal Options asking builder/plotter for Mutation of Plot
  3. Do you think SEBI needs to be upgraded?
  4. Co-operative housing can’t object to transfer through gift
  5. Builder defaults. Inherited house initially.
  6. Title verification in underconstruction property
  7. Will or gift deed .... Which one is safe and less costly
  8. Apartment Sinking Fund
  9. Tax saving after selling property
  10. Need Help - Related with a Rent agreement and complexities- Retail shop
  11. Query around capital gain
  12. Need your suggestion regarding registered lease agreement
  13. Succession issues: The legal process and components
  14. If parents distribute Property to their 4 SONS as GIFT, then one BAD son trying to SNATCH from others
  15. Buy a resale flat from GPA owner
  16. Can a housing society expel its member?
  17. Legal remedy for my senior citizen parents?
  18. Requesting clarifications on maintenance charges.
  19. Society Formation
  20. Stop promoting illegal urban housing Read more at: http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/td8sNUWTvnxonM0FTbR9eM/Stop-promoting-illegal-urban-housing.html?u
  21. Help: Regarding Society formation
  22. Request for advice- Subvention or PLP
  23. Buying a resale flat not registered by original allottee
  24. Error in Schedule of property in Parent sale deed
  25. Legal Help (Society Redevelopment Mumbai)
  26. Hi and Legal Advice
  27. Buyer insisting on depositing Cash in my account
  28. Urgent Advice Needed on Expiration of POA
  29. Previous owner sale deed missing in resale flat
  30. Teenant asking to send notice to vacate house
  31. property transfer to a woman
  32. Who will get the land on the following situation?
  33. Law for mixed property use in Delhi?
  34. Buying an apartment from seller based abroad
  35. Crowdfunded Investment in Real Estate
  36. Advice in property matter
  37. Gifted Property dispute
  38. Property Buyers : Think Resale Not New
  39. capital gains exemption under 54 F
  40. NRI issue with family
  41. No Commencement certificate, Completion Certificate and Occupation Certificate is collected by the builder and asking for registration
  42. Process of identifying title of the land
  43. Is it Mandatory to get a NOC from co-op hsng society for a new tenant
  44. Housing society elections: Know your rights to challenge the position held by members
  45. Is Tenant Responsible to submit rent agreement to socienty?
  46. Real Estate Lawyers Sought (Gurgaon, Delhi NCR):
  47. Land Purchase Enquiry in Dadri
  48. Initial token cheque - precautions/advice thread
  49. Abode Projects India Limited Victims Forum, Hyderabad
  50. Capital gains on joint property with second home
  51. Pitfalls in buying farmland
  52. Wife's ancestral property being sold using her maiden name
  53. Do you know a good dispute lawyer ?
  54. Don't Laminate Property Documents
  55. Tax Exemption on Second House Interest
  56. Car parking allotment dispute with builder
  57. sell and pay loan
  58. Plot in Goa - Legal Advice Needed
  59. Capital gains, stamp duty in an all-White transaction
  60. paid 90% and the builder defaults on His loan. Legal experts pls help
  61. undivided share in land
  62. Name deletion in property documents after home loan transfer
  63. Refusal of Credit Note by Broker
  64. Women get upper hand in property disputes
  65. Booking in name of company without Board Resolution- Is it Valid??
  66. How to find if any court case is being filed against a planned road under Master Plan?
  67. New deposit if tenant agreement renewed?
  68. Builder is asking for Club (Jim and Swimming Pool) Charges from tenant?
  69. Capital gain tax on landowner under joint development agreement
  70. Lavasa has cheated us
  71. Query: Joint ownership of property with Parent
  72. Plot construction- suggestion for water/electricity connection Rules
  73. Difference in salebale area in builder's documents and agreement
  74. Capital gains How to Calculate Capital Gains After Indexation
  75. RE Related Laws & new Developments
  76. From where to obtain copy of old rent receipt
  77. Registration Process & Fees of Flat in Gurgaon
  78. Buying Property in Mothers name
  80. Dispute with builder
  81. False registration of property by society secretary
  82. How to stop builder to constructing another floor
  83. Things to check while opting for co-tenancy
  84. Please advice about my grandfather's property?
  85. Need advise on Legal movement
  86. In case original Documents get misplaced
  87. Fraud -Best Properties , Arumbakkam Chennai
  88. How to transfer your property
  89. Query regarding Long Term Tax
  90. DOCS required For selling HUDA plot
  91. Fraud builder !!!!!!!!!!!
  92. DLF Rental problem
  93. Finding the land after long time
  94. Charges by Real Estate Agent
  95. Agreement for Sale itself is conveyance deed?
  96. please share fraud realtors info here.
  97. What is the legal status of Tatvadarshi Bandhu Pvt. Ltd. ? Did anyone invest with them?
  98. Indihomes - Big Fraud, cheated with 10 of us
  99. Power of Attorney
  100. abhaya gold and sreevenna are fraud-Vijayawada
  101. Please explain Khatha A and Khatha B
  102. Registration for Under Construction flat
  103. Legal status between brothers, in property inheritance
  104. No property papers? What sellers & buyers should do
  105. Unregistered JDA agreement between family members and sister company
  106. Firm footing
  107. HELP ME : House Owner demanding 5% rent hike for 2010-2012 as arrears
  108. House Owner demanding 5% rent hike for 2010-2012 as arrears
  109. Varisnama or Varisana
  110. Lawyer Question Tenants by Entirety
  111. Land sold in error due to rumours
  112. Those delaying work can't levy escalation charges
  113. 1% TDS Rules
  114. Filing Notice of Intimation for Equitable Mortgage
  115. Govt converted NA plot into private forest land without intimation. How do I convert it back?
  116. Sale of unregistered Flats
  117. Plot/Land vs. Flat/Apartment
  118. Conveyance Deed in favor of Mr. Amit Jain, but signed by his wife Ms. Sunita Jain
  119. can owner register after GPA is given
  120. Land problem
  121. I cannot gift a flat to my Father
  122. Leasehold property
  123. RUSTOMJEE BUILDERS Dilly dallying in signing sale agreement
  124. sale deed address mismatch between front and back side of stamp papers
  125. owner problems
  126. Release Deed. How to do it and what is the cost in Banglore?
  127. Need advice regarding amalgamation of flat
  128. Reinvesting capital gains for tax breaks
  129. Need help in capital gain tax calculation
  130. Ajpa Parishad Fraud at Ekdant Dronagiri vasundhara sector 11
  131. Risk of Giving Property on Lease/Rent
  132. Arbitrary change of flat by builder ( recourse with buyer) Umang Winter Hill
  133. Remove name of my Brother as co-owner of the my home in Delhi
  134. Short term capital gain tax saving with devision of premium amount in applcant and co-applicant
  135. Mutation problems
  136. Can I go to Consumer Court?
  137. terrace leakage problem
  138. Completion certificate in Delhi
  139. Can a Builder Demand Cost of Transformer and External Cables?
  140. Applicability of Service Tax
  141. Property case
  142. Plug the loopholes in sale agreement
  143. Payment Schedule Issue
  144. compensation for incomplete flats of DDA
  145. Transferring Sale deed name to my mom.How?
  146. Buying unregistered Flat Owner Deceased, advice needed
  147. Land registration without person in India
  148. How to get justice if cheated by a reputed builder company
  149. Feedback needed on resale property in gurgaon
  150. AARZA is a fraud
  151. Is it possible to get back the Stamp Duty money if registered apartment doesnt get completed
  152. Buying the Allottee Receipt in Rohini 1981 draw
  153. Parking stilt area is a free for all ?
  154. Gift Deed stamp duty / registration
  155. Capital Gain Question? Selling 1 flat and buying 2 plots..
  156. Challeging the builder and Banker
  157. About a renowned builder in Hyderabad
  158. Meaning of "Gair Marusi"
  159. Meaning of "Gair Mumkin Abadi"
  160. 5 people to buy 1 property
  161. Tenant Laws
  162. Man applies for 'home' online, duped of Rs 58 lakh
  163. Caution Fee
  164. Builder asked to pay Rs 2cr for failure to hand over homes
  165. Tax Laws, rates, benefits, ect
  166. Need Help in a college project
  167. After how much amount I should expect Buyer Seller Agreement?
  168. Agent changed BSP & discount on booking form without my knowledge
  169. Power of Attorney to younger brother
  170. GHS flat registration in gurgaon
  171. Question on Power Of Attorney
  172. Termination of Allotment Without B.B.Agreement
  173. Error in the Sticker of the registry
  174. Selling mortgaged property - Need inputs from esteemed IRF members
  175. Regularisation of illegal constructions regrettable: SC
  176. Need inputs on Joint purchase of plots and its risks
  177. sales & service tax
  178. Fraud by property builder
  179. Pregnant Tenant Needs Help - Landlord Harrassing
  180. Steps to transfer Property based on registered Will Deed
  181. Tenant Problems
  182. house registry papers not collected for 20 yrs
  183. shiwalik greens sold the project to other builder and now not giving refund even after two years
  184. stuck in fraud
  185. Capital gains tax exemption for joint property
  186. Administrator for Housing societies
  187. Need advice on Property under grandfather's name
  188. Closing in on property fraud
  189. Sahara City Homes - Ahmedabad - Sardar Patel Ring Road - 2 BHK
  190. Refund of token money in Pre-launch:Mumbai
  191. Municipal corporation permission
  192. Need advice on Joint Property
  193. Advantages of buying property through bank auctions
  194. Questions on capital gain and other general issues - please help a newbie!
  195. Add Wife's Name to the Flat
  196. deducting from booking advance on cancellation - is it right?
  197. Can stamp duty be reversed
  198. KaKda Alankar Developers bhopal
  199. second wIfe's right after husband gifts the property to son who sells it
  200. Shravanthi Prosper - Feedback sought
  201. Rent Agreement Implications for defaulting
  202. Can an Indian working in Saudi buy agricultural land in tamilnadu ?
  203. Selling a mortgaged property
  204. Leave and license agreement of business premises
  205. Nirmal Lifestyle, City of Joy, Mulund, Parking Blues
  206. Flat in Noida extension. Pls advice
  207. Plot in Mangarlore for Lease
  208. SS Group Coral Wood Sector 84 Gurgaon fraud
  209. Condition To Forfeit Your Earnest Money
  210. Betrayal by KN Infracon, promotor of Spire Central Sector 106 Gurgaon Project.
  211. Checklist before buying a flat in resale?
  212. two owner of single property-one dies-second can sign registry alone ?
  213. Transfer fees for gift deed
  214. Resale of Flat Gifted by Parents
  215. Doubt for Construction in new purchased flat (after OC)....Help me
  216. Banks may get to buy assets of defaulters at reserve price
  217. Purchase of Land Loser site in Karnataka
  218. Owner threatening for Cancellation of Flat
  219. House 99% completed but sewage connection not allowed due to anti-social elements
  220. Investor's clinic is one fraud company
  221. Question Regarding Power of Attorney
  222. Property purchase: Watch out for restrictive covenants
  223. Property after my grand father died
  224. Nandavana Properties, Hosur- Need opinion/Info
  225. Want Opinion on Aswani Builder-Project Aswani Sitara, chandapura-Just near Narayana Hrudayalay, Bangalore
  226. West Delhi - 345 Sq Yard = 3105 Sq. feet (Splited)
  227. Feuding owners putting plush properties up for sale
  228. Occupation Certificate - Viscious Circle
  229. Spire Central Sector 106
  230. Union Cabinet clears amendments to aid construction workers
  231. Commonwealth games village flats registration
  232. Acres, bigha, sqyards (Gaj) sqft calculations
  233. Death of one registered owner
  234. Power of Attorney - One signatory is dead
  235. Panel for a/c norms for computing income of realty developers
  236. Property buyer can lose earnest money: SC
  237. Registration of property on Father's name
  238. Joint property dispute - legal suggestion request
  239. Legal Advise on Renting in Delhi
  240. Pratham Enclave Aurangabad : Do not trust
  241. Resale buy
  242. Avoiding loss of property to spouse after divorce
  243. No judicial tolerance for unauthorised constructions: SC
  244. Land registered but possession not given
  245. Registered Sale Deed without full settlement
  246. Can I buy real estate from parents
  247. Sale deed error
  248. Sale of property amid seizure procedure by govt illegal: SC
  249. Clarfication on Joint registration of a property
  250. Tenants to pay property tax if landlord refuses