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Originally Posted by amit001
Majority of the members on the forum believe that there can not be a steep correction in Gurgaon, but the question is how much of upside you can expect from projects in the next 2 years in Gurgaon...

Can you get even 20% + appreciation/year from these levels????

I have my doubts, but the market can always prove me wrong
The market is driven by strong nexus of Builder-n-broker.

If by next year builders start launching new project at 6000/ Sq ft at Golf course ext road and broker also stop selling anything below that price... then you really think that end user and investor will be left out with any choice ????

There are no basics or price trend to be followed in Gurgoan market.

Unitech selling Karma Lakeland with starting price of 6 cr onwards at far away weird isolated place near Sec 80.

You think that price is worth for those villas ???