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Highrisemumbai, which goregaon office are you referring to? Because as per their website their corporate office is in HDIL Towers at Bandra East.

If what you are saying about the rate being hiked to 2200/= is true then, I guess that the HDIL guys and a lot of other people including myself were amazed at the response and interest that this project has generated.

If what you say is correct, then, I am lucky to get an appreciation of Rs.300/= within a weeks time.

As far as the comparison to Dombivili is concerned, people from the western suburbs are unlikely to go to central side ( and that too pay a higher amount). Moreover if demand is so great and the right infrastructure such as shopping complex and direct train from Churghgate commence then the prices may even exceed that of Dombivili in the future. This is my personal opinion.

The quality of the sample flat is impressive and the (Hall flooring, bathroom fittings/tiling etc) doesnt in any way make it look as if it is meant for low cost housing in any way).