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Actually with this hype of new airport, the per sq feet rate at all places in a radius of 100 kms around Mumbai city specially the central side and panvel side have already appreciated beyond minimum 2500/= and above.

So the only option for middle income class people who are genuinely interested in buying a house around Mumbai to stay at prices below 2500/= is beyond Virar up to Boisar where prices are still around 2200/=.

The problem is all focus and new projects are coming up around the new airport locality completely ignoring the fact that there is genuine demand for reasonably priced flats in the western suburbs from Virar onwards, Hence the Paradise City project at Palghar is ideally suited for many people.

In fact, I feel that with all these grand projects around the airport, there might be too much supply of flats due to speculative buying which might depress the rates, whereas the western suburb prices might catch up and hence appreciate faster.