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To the old and not-so-old members!

To be consistent with the genuineness and mannerly conduct of our forum, we have noticeably highlighted several times.

Despite the constant reminder, some of the members are not seriously adhering to our policy notice.

In addition to that, a few members have also started questioning the moderators for banning old members who have been active contributors on IREF.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Forum:

“Discussions about moderator or administrator actions are welcome in email or local private messages, but should not be discussed in public forums. This is out of respect for the members and moderators or policy involved.”

“IREF is not a venue for personal or private vendettas or resolution of personal disputes with members.”

This shall no longer be tolerated on the forum and please be assured that the ban will be permanent even if that leads to fewer posts and loosing old members.

Let us all demonstrate that we can proceed, individually and collectively, on what we have established from our very foundation.

The IREF team sincerely hopes that we can all work together to strengthen our association in our endeavor to make our forum more effective and resourceful.