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Default Group booking

We're going on Saturday with plan to do Group booking in Logiz Blossom Greens if anyone interested msg asap. "More the better".

Originally Posted by anujwadhwa View Post
Hi all,

- This project looks good to me according to its price(on the internet), location (i.e. expressway), floor plan.
- See I am very much new to this business, never had anny previous exp of buying property. I am interested in buying a house with good location and budget is also very low ( actully this projects price which i can see on internet is good for my pocket).
- I am looking for a house to fulfill both the purposes investment and may be staying their in future (after 3-4 years).
So guys please show light on this projects pros and cons, some real life details about LOGIX.

nd shud I go for this project or not, if no then in same budget which all projects you people can recommend me.