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Originally Posted by srathi9
anksankur- If you talk about crime, which city in world does not have it. Look around... I have been to Vegas last year and was told by couple to locals that it has comparatively more crime than anywhere in world. The city was never in existence before it was discovered by couple of gangs to save themselves and looted money from Police. These gangs started along with other activities which then attracted more gangs. Slowly-2 they realize that this would be better bet to declare this place for leisure/fun and can earn more without crime hence Las Vegas city was made in the desert of Nevada where it would be difficult to visit without all the fun it has...
So we can not criticize if somebody is seeing any positive thing in current negative city.... Cheers!! Stay healthy and be Positive.
There is a movie on this.(don"t remember the name). How one built with the blood money by goons has turned into a vibrant city. Similar is the story of Ghaziabad. Shipra Suncity started it all. All builders followed suit. We have been living (IP) without any problem for the last 8 years. In Contrast, theft took place in our house while we were living in R.K. Puram, Delhi.