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I can not understand whenever someone do not find anything more to criticize for any other NCR city then they simply say that CRIME is more there but reality is that CRIME is every where same in whole NCR and all know this fact very well. If in few weeks more rapid BAD news in any one NCR city then in next weeks in other NCR CITY. Let me show any single NCR area which have ZERO CRIME. For me and my lots of friends & family members are living in GZB from last 7 to 12 years but not face any issue related to crimes personally. Few of my friends even daily manage Gurgaon Jobs either by shared Company CAB or by METRO by traveling lots of KM daily and some time return even at 8 to 9 PM but no problem faced, even after 9 PM most of the GZB roads have good traffic and not a single feeling of insecurity.

Can other members let me know few recent news article of comparison chart which really show any particular NCR city has more CRIME then others, so that only then we can say it with facts. When I found for this I got below links.

Noida fast emerging as crime hub of NCR - India News - IBNLive

Noida: The new crime capital of NCR - India News - IBNLive