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Originally Posted by Totaram
I m not surprise with Allahabad HC judgement. For 3 years, the court did nt gave even stay order (in Bishrakh case). The judges were sleeping or deliberately silent that let the builder start the construction so that HC Judges would inflict maximum losses to flat buyers.
WHY THE COURT WERE SILENT FOR 3 YEARS. ALL Judges in ALLahabad HC are sold for money. Even Supreme court has passed a remark on whole judges of Allahabad HC that they all are suffering from "Bhai-Bhatiawad".
You have money you can influence Judges.
Even a common man say "if some one has sold his property then how can he reclaim his property after 3 years". Max to max 1 years is a more than sufficient to file a cae in court. A Court cant decide whether a law is wrong or right. The court duty is to see whether a work is according to law or not. But the court is making remarks over law (read clause17) which is not in capacity of court. A law can be wrong. But court has no athority to rule over law. This is malafide intention of land seller. But HC Judges dont care about law, they care about their own interest first. Thats why, all useless guy goes for LLB & they become judge.
One of my politician friend once told me, in politics, everything is about TIMINGS.
Before the vote, every party distributes money to voters ... but only the party owns which give money at the right time... and we fool think that I voted so and so and due to that he/she won!!!