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Originally Posted by gargak View Post
Basis my research as end user, my preference were:

Vatika City- No iDea, which project you are referring
2. Malibu Towne - 6
3. Orchid Petals - 4
4. Florence Villa by Ansals - No Idea
5. Oriental Homes by Ansals, No idea
5. Bestech Park View City-1- 1
6. Unitech The Close - 2
7. Emaar MGF Palm Terraces Select - 3
8. AEZ Aloha - No idea
9. Legend Clarion - 5

To be unbiased, will not disclose what I closed but it is not any of them :-)
Dear Gargak,

Thanks for your revert. I am planning to check out all the properties in Vatika City such as Emilia, Signature, Acacia, Jasminium, Iris etc. Any views on these? Also, which other properties would you suggest that I include in my list? Also, what are the prevailing per sq ft prices in Bestech City-1, Unitech Close and Emaar Terraces select?