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Originally Posted by Ashish_Leo
Hi Abhinav,

Here is my take on this !
Dear Abhinav,

A very wise man Ashish has cleared all your doubts & I agree with all of them. I would like to add one thing according to my personnal experience That distance become shorters with the increase of facilities & infrastructure. I used to travel 18 KMS for my job since 1993 to 2000. I used to travel in DTC / Red Line Buses / Blue Line Buses / Autos. So 18 KMS was taking more than 90 minutes. Then shifted my office & it was 24 KMS but salary was better so did not mind. But the so many flyovers in delhi, Better roads came in existence & I joined office with 30 KM distance but I got a car with good infra, so it took only 1 hr. Now I am travelling about 60 kms daily up & down living in vaishali & going to shalimar Bagh. But now a days I dont mind travelling. As the area, infra, connectivity improves You will be more comfortable in RNE. I also thought many times
to shift in builder floor in vaishali but hoping a good future & continuing my decision of final settlement in RNE Society flat.

I will be shifting in RNE in near future, I dont know when exactly. But only one problem with new developed area is if your kids are dependent upon some particular schooling, like me. I have a son studying in 10th in vivek vihar. Neither he nor me want him to leave that school. Up & down to vivek vihar for a 15 yr boy where schoool bus does not come is very difficult. But its now 2.5 years to complete his schooling so will manage from vaishali or think something else.

My vote is clear cut RNE Society flat is better than Vaishali Builder Flat.