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Angry BBA or Butcher Bakra Agreement

Originally Posted by sg_ggn View Post
These orders will provide much needed regulation in market

Please read the two judgements of CCI on DLF.
Belaire & Park Place

Competition Commission of India - Order_of_Commission

& wathchdog is taking issue of other builder as well.
We can quote these judgements to builders.

Thanks for the update.. No wonder things interpreted in the orders by various courts will help aggreived endusers a long way ahead..

No doubt I like to call these BBAs as BUTCHER BAKRA AGREEMENT for their lopsided and hackeneyed attitude towards endusers.

Check sheet "homes from hell"
a virtual encyclopedia of fleecing the customer by spineless builders.
All requested to updated the deeds of such builders on the sheet as this is an open link for safeguarding each others interests
I am sure there is more to come..

High time powerful associations should be formed to ensure that delivery happens as per promises and standards expected