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Originally Posted by ashish18
Ever heard of not putting all the eggs in One basket - unless you are Warren Buffet. The downside to this approach is very very high.
- What happens if something goes wrong with your project? You don't know what kind of things might happen -(scam, forgery, you overpaid, some govt law, some BDA law etc).
- It has a big assumption that Bangalore will keep growing as it has been uptill now. Bangalore will have tough competition from other cities in India in any field other than IT. And even IT cannot be expected to grow at the same speed as it has grown now.
- Real estate prices jump in spurts. It has been growing for last 10 years and you might see almost no growth in prices for next 10 years. Everyone who can afford has already invested in land in last 10 years.

Also it seems like probably someone has bought all the property on chandapur anekal road and got stuck and thats why promoting it so much. In my opinion any investment in that part of bangalore is a dead. Most emerging areas for investment in bangalore is undoubtly old madras road and whitefield extensions. Its closer to each and everything ( present and future) and with so many big builder launching projects the areas is going to be the next CBD extension. Its hardly 15 kms from M.G Road, all the big ticket IT firms are in this region plus the connectivity to intl. airport is as good as north bangalore using the budigere road as well as nh207.

Not sure why would anyone invest in further 65 km down(yes.. chandapur anekal belt is almost 65 kms further down from whitefield/old madras area).