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Originally Posted by cookie View Post
YE area till Agra is not part of NCR, is it? If not how come does it need NCR approval? I don't think much hue and cry is gonna happen over YEA issue since there is hardly end users but certainly it would give pain to YE Authority.
Cookie bhai… We are not talking about “Yamuna Expressway” which is started from G.Noida to Agra… But property allotted by Y.Expressway authority in sector 18-20 Yamuna Expressway. Authority also allotted land to many pvt builders for residential plot/township. So Farmers have issue on this property..

Farmers are already aware that SC has cleared expressway BUT NCR approval is also not there... but BIG issue is on property and not expressway.

Even NCR board can not cancel "expressway" which is almost clear for nation benefit... but not sure about rest of properties allotted to builders/buyers