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Originally Posted by Champak2000 View Post
After running in circles and not going anywhere need you suggestions...
  • Budget: 70L
  • Built Area:3BHK / 1500SF
  • FAR : Best in the area
  • Sector : 5 KM from 107
  • Builder: Good History, no controversy
  • New Launch/Resale : New
  • Finance: Self / CLP
  • Proj State: Construction about to start
  • Time frame : 3-4 year
  • Surrounding Area : Already built
Esentially you are looking onloy for new lauches. At this time, there is no new launch project from reputed builder so you dont' have no choice..

For you, today's ridge seems to be good fit in your you don't need project before 3 can also check in Sharnam..I am proposing these projects because these could be in yr budget..will deliver surely after 3 can get near clp plan..good luck..