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Originally Posted by suraj0206 View Post
Thanks Cookie! You seem to be one of the biggest supporters of Greater Noida :-)

What do people foresee here? 20KM distance to Noida 70x sectors or other similar destinations may not be a problem at the moment but could reaching other destinations from GNoida be a headache in coming years when more people started to live in GNoida?
I work on Expressway and I stay in Greater takes max 15mins to reach my office .
Do you think I have better option than this? (example)
When I was working in Sector-64,Noida. I used to stay in sector-4, Vaishali.
when I changed,I landed on Expressway. commuting from expressway to Vaishali is pain.
In Vaishali I was staying in 1200 sqft 2BHK. and Here I am staying in 1950 sqft flat which came to me cheaper than 1200 sqft flat in Vaishali.
It depends on individual needs,affordability,quality etc.

could you please point out those destination which could be headache reaching there in coming years?

I go on facts and figures... I don't support any region neither do I ever say people should come and stay in Gr Noida only.