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No Food But Real Estate - Food For Thought

With the cancerous and unchecked proliferation of real estate everywhere, the first victim is Agriculture.

Traditionally farmers are worst affected in India because of the labor involved and the investment on agriculture never yielded enough money. RE came to them as a boon in disguise.

Overnight, fertile lands have been turned into NA plots. What all it takes is a stroke of a pen.

According to one estimate, 3 % of most fertile agri lands in India have already been taken over by realtors.

You can not blame the builders either. You cant blame the farmers too. farmer gets enough money for life by selling off the land than growing paddy. Builder is there to make quick buck.

So the ultimate tragedy is food grains. We need twice as much food grains to support our population. Sadly , it is unlikely to happen as the agriculture land diminishing and more and more farmers preferring to sell off their lands to realtors.

So, when your kids grow up, they may have a 3 BHK in tower, but food is 10 times more expensive.