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Originally Posted by supriyaj

Any idea about new project Marvel Fria in Wagholi? It seems to be launched at Rs 3850 psf. Price of flats starting from Rs 48, 31, 750. Is it worth?

Welcome to Concrete Jungle: Upcoming New Launch - Marvel Fria, Wagholi, Pune

Marvel Fria | Marvel Realtors | Marvel Fria Wagholi Pune
Replied your similar query in other thread also..

Wagholi is still not in PMC..its in gram panchayat..not sure when it would be in PMC..2 yrs, 4yrs, 8 yrs..nobody's sure..

also you might have an idea about the recent water situation in Pune..

PMC itslef is not capable enough to provide sufficient water within its limits..just make an enquiry about water situation in Viman Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri, Kharadi'll come to know..

now i ask you is it worth to invest in Wagholi with this much money..having the luxury of no water/have to depend on tanker water for minimum 10 yrs..

i guess there are many more decent options available within PMC with this much just have to check out those..

my 2 cents..