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Originally Posted by mangopeople
Agree. Marvel Realtors is a brand name for luxurious apartments. Ever imagained a 9900 sq ft 4 BHK penthouse or a 2300 sq ft 2 BHK apartment?

If you are a fan of Marvel Realtors, do go through a nice blog article which also mentions about the ongoing projects by Marvel Realtors in East Pune.
Do have a look. Marvel apartments are definitely worth looking at. They are amazing but at a very high price too. Happy hunting.

Residential Projects in East Pune]Residential Projects in East Pune[/url]

Thanks Kingsmead, rkumarru, realacres, akash481, mangopeople for your replies. I am already scared now with the water scarcity problems in Wagholi. So dropped the idea of even seeing any projects there now.

@mangopeople - Thank you for sharing the link Residential Projects in East Pune I checked all the Marvel Realtors projects in East Pune in that link. Very helpful. I agree Marvel projects are very expensive. But they are good quality accomodation. Will plan to visit some Marvel projects soon in Magarpatta Road and Kharadi.