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Effect Of Town Planning Scheme On Existing Properties, Ahmedabad

In the past decades, Ahmedabad city had a few new Town Planning Schemes proposed by the municipal corporation. The city town planning department was very slow about making new proposals of T.P. Schemes and action towards implementation of old T. P. Schemes. As a result considerable progress could not be made on account of development of the city through T.P.Schemes. Area of the city those covered by T.P. Schemes was developed in orderly manner. However, due to considerable delay on decision makings for a planned growth and in the absence of new T.P. Scheme proposals by the city town planning authority, all periphery/outer area falling within the municipal corporation limits developed in an unorderly manner resulted into various problems regarding city development issues.

In the past few years, due to new policy adopted by the state government, the AMC was allowed to hire services of town planning experts for preparation of new T.P. Schemes on contract bases and that has speeded-up the process of preparing and implementing new T. P. Schemes for Ahmedabad City.

In the absence of new T. P. Schemes in the last decades, almost all areas/localities within the old municipal limits developed in unorderly manner resulting into creation of challenges for making a T.P. Scheme within a developed locality or may be called a T.P. Scheme in a built-up locality. Proposal of a T.P. Scheme for a built-up area is very difficult. Accommodation of existing buildings and roads in addition to proposal for new roads within the built-up area and implementing those proposals is very difficult.

Here we will see the issues only relating to the existing properties falling within the area of a proposed T.P. Scheme.
How an existing property can be affected due to a proposal of T.P. Scheme?
What are the points to be verified in context with the proposal of a T.P. Scheme?

Let us see following possibilities :
1) If a new road is proposed and if it is passing through your property then you may loose a portion of land may be along with some building/s standing on it,
2) As a part of reconstitution of holdings, you may loose a part of your property and the compensation offered may be very low or you may get a Final Plot of size lesser than the area of your Original Plot,
3) A property may be relocated and Final Plot awarded may be placed at some other location than the present situation/location of the Original Plot,
4) Existing property is located on main road whereas the Final Plot awarded may be placed on a smaller road or a road of lesser importance, which may affect considerably the market worth of your property,
5) If a new proposed road is passing through your property or if the existing road is proposed for widening and if the property is of smaller size then you may have to loose the entire property against a small compensation offered to you
6) If a new proposed road is passing through your property, the remaining property may considerably loose its utility value and its market worth.

There are different possibilities how a property may get affected by a proposal of a T.P. Scheme in Built-up area.
If you are going to buy a property falling within a proposed T.P Scheme area, then you need to be very careful about aforementioned points and it is advisable to verify and take experts advise before you enter into a deal.
If you are owner of a property falling within a proposed T.P Scheme area then you must verify and take advise of experts and be careful in representing your case at the time of the initial stage of proposal of T.P. Scheme.
- Ketan Brahmbhatt

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