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New Tp scheme in Ghuma,manipur

Was wondering about the news last week about constuction fereeze by AUDA in Ghuma(and 60 odd other villages) due to TP schemes planned there and wanted to understand it further as I have some interest in there.

There are already some proposed TP schemes going parallel to Bopal Ghuma road.

1. while I am interested to understand what are the new TP schemes ,are they internal small roads or there could be major roads.

2.What are the chances that a TP can pass through an existing sceme where roads and 2-3 sample houses are made, when a plenty of land around is without any development.

3. what time would be involved in finalising the schemes.

4.If going for bunglow scheme in that area, builder propose that he would give a part of land in the scheme which is still unsold and charge existing members for that, is that fair?

5.If builder can charge the existing members for any loss of land, then he should be prepared to compensate if any member loose his land.

Any views??