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Originally Posted by adi1804
Hi All,

I am planning to buy a flat in Mumbai. My ofc is in Vikhroli and my wife works in BKC.

I have looked at many flat in Bhandup, kanjurmarg, vikhroli, mulund, Nahur.

I desperately seek help from the guys who know about the RE in these areas.
I am seriously thinking of buying a property in Nahur west

1> This is not for investment. I am planning to live in this flat.

2> How beneficial is buying a flat in Nahur? If I buy a flat in Nahur, what benefits can I reap from from it in the coming years?

3> I am not looking to stay in this place long term. I would offload this flat in 3 years( bcos of short term capital gain tax).

4> Nahur lords is offering me 9000psf. 1 BHK- landed cost is 70 lakhs.

5> Since i would be staying in this place- how is place in monsoons. Is there water logging, since this is a low lying area.

I am planning to buy in Lords nahur.Reason of choosing this place:

1> Close to the Nahur station

2> Relatively low proces-- property on LBS is quoting 10-11.5k psf. Lords is quoting 9k.

3> Building has OC and is giving possession in 1 month. So i can save on my rent which i am currently paying.

4> There are a lot of builders who have bought land in this area( as nahur and bhandup station is nearby). So i can expect a decent appreciation in 3 years.

Pls help me out to finalize the property.
I was recently in Mumbai and stayed with my parents in Bhandup. I know Mulund, Bhandup and Kanjurmarg quite well. I like LBS marg of Mulund, Kanjurmarg and Vikhroli but not too crazy about Bhandup. Having said that I would prefer Bhandup over Nahur anytime. The reason being cost of living is preety low compared to neighboring areas. I had first hand experience of it as I would pay almost double for the same products in Powai (my residence).

There are couple of good projects going up in Bhandup and one of them is notably good called Mahavir complex. Some of my parents neighbors moved there and have nothing but good to talk about it. I recently checked with them and they are quoting $9500 sq ft (negotiable). Also check out Kukreja complex right next to it. They are adding 2 new towers and asking Rs 9000 sq ft. I do like Nirmal green in Nahur but they are quoting too high.