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Gulmohar Privilege Kharadi - 2BHK 43L - A total ripoff and a place to be avoided


I wanted to start this thread to warn and enlighten everybody about an enquiry I did ove the last weekend.

Gulmohar Privilege is a new scheme by Gulmohar developers. They are now quoting a price of 3550 psf for a 2BHK with built up area of 1158 sf.

If you read their floor plans carefully, you will figure out that the actual carpet area you get is around 650 sf. However, the salesman out there will try to convince you that its actually 730 sf.

They justify the high price against their competitors with the argument of excellent construction quality. That gets disproved on the face by noticing that every building of theirs has 2 misfit flats that have been now converted to a 1BHK, since their FSI calculations went wrong.

Instead of normally having 4 flats on the last floor they only have 2. And the other 2 have been left out as common terraces.

The construction quality, planning, floor plans, practically everything has some nuances in it.

The total deal comes at 43L, which is stupidly expensive.

I would advise anybody looking at Kharadi to not even bother to go to their sales office.

Even if prices reduce in future, its best to avoid such a pathetic scheme.

Well rather than calling it a scheme, lets call it a scam!