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View Poll Results: How has your opinion changed about Anna movement over past 9 months?

Have been supporting always 68 78.16%
Never supported 9 10.34%
Supported then, but not now 9 10.34%
Didn't support then, but now I do 1 1.15%
Voters: 87. You may not vote on this poll

Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?
October 14 2012 , 05:09 PM   #171
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8 out of 48 people who didn't want to form a political party left. Anna first agreed and then left.

What option did they have except forming a party anyway?
October 14 2012 , 11:59 PM   #172
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Originally Posted by ashish18
having almost in same boots like yours. starting out as strong leftist in IIT days to a believer of laissez-faire now. Did you ever think why these guys are still living in those conditions - because trillion of rupees that was taxed from us, never reached them ?
I have been following Anna and AK for 10 years - and the single reason I love Anna is for his clarity of thoughts - i.e. he cannot tackle all problems of India - But, the one which affects most of us is - Corruption.
If you are into habit of looking into track records, which a "warren" do normally - look at their life-long work.
And sorry, Anna's fans were never kids - That's why he failed in Mumbai. His fans are villagers and and the real poor people in his village and district. you are undermining life-time effort and hard work of Anna by "kids and white collar guys" statement. What AK tried to do was to channelize Anna's popularity into a mass movement, you can question his methods, but that's what the congress of pre-independence India did with Gandhi.
And there is nothing called leftist policy in Indian politics - BJP was as leftist as other leftists before coming in power - and when in power they were as right as anyone else.
If you start looking for perfection at the first place itself, neither Gandhi or Martin Luther King would have succeeded.
That's not factually correct. Congress has mostly followed leftist policies - a bloated omnipresent mai-baap sarkar. Nehru's economic policies were leftists, Indira Gandhi's license-quota-permit raaj was leftist.
If you are talking of contemporary politics, congress policies are still largely leftist (notwithstanding recent FDI decisions) - reckless subsidies, a welfare govt, too much stranglehold over business.
October 18 2012 , 04:13 AM   #173
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Yeah, plus Rahul Gandhi has shown even more leftist inkling than MMS.

BJP itself is now going into more leftist mode in terms of economic policies now and letting the nationalist in their party take over from reformers.
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