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Mediums To Find Price Information Of Local Properties Sold
July 27 2007 , 10:25 AM   #1
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Mediums To Find Price Information Of Local Properties Sold

In the US (eg. in Chicago) certain newspaper web sites provide price information of properties sold in various areas once that information is part of the public record.

Are there any such web sites for properties sold in Ahmedabad?
If not, is there any other (offline) way of getting that kind of information for particular areas in Ahmedabad?

November 21 2007 , 06:41 AM   #2
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Offline way to get Prices

You can get the price from talati cum matri of the particular gram panchayat from where the land been sold.

June 23 2008 , 03:40 AM   #3
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i found lot of price manupultion was going on india by developer by recodrding sales to inflate prices eventhough real sales did not take place, since, the cost of doing so in india is much lower than that in usa (such as title insurance, transfer tax and others). also, lot of sales made under black mony- to gain real data is the most difficult in india. i found in india to act like a buyer (paid some relatives to do so) in the makret place and see what kind of deal you can make. this gives you the only true measure. hard work but accurate-i did not want to do this because i was used getiing good information in usa-i found out that real market was really much lower than what every one was saying. this saved me in making bad investments last year.please let me know if there is better way-i like to know too.
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