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Review about GRC Brundavan
July 7 2012 , 09:54 AM   #1
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Review about GRC Brundavan

Any feedback about GRC Brundavan. Thanks!!
July 7 2012 , 10:29 AM   #2
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Review about GRC Brundavan

Hi Lokesh,

Last week I visited two projects-

There are two projects are coming –

1. Salarpuria MALODY – This mange be very reputed and good builder and THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN AWARDED A 5 STAR RATING BY CRISIL REAL ESTATE STAR RATINGS

2. GRC Brundavan

Here are highlights
a. RATE PER SQUARE FEET - GRC Brundavan offering attractive price and lesser than Salarpuria MALODY. But GRC is playing trick here, they are fooling us, by charging very very high maintenance charges, Cark par, flooring raise, BWSS, club house changes etc.

b. KPTCL and BWSS changers also are very high- they are changing 200 per SQT, whereas other good builder like Shoba, prestiage, salarpuria maximum they charges 120-150 Per SQT. They denied to provide proof of payment also.

c. CAR PARK also very very high- According to GRC this is very low. They will show a big map and try to convince you. Basically they try to fool and cheat you. GRC projecting G+15, Will all know there is guideline for constructing CAR parking/fire exit, Other builder charges very low. Example GRC is changing 2.5lac whereas Salarpuria changing 2.0 lac

d. FLOOR RAISE is also high compare to other good builder good example is GRC changing Rs30 per floor raise whereas Salarpuria MALODY changing Rs 25per floor raise.

2. Political issue-From local residence come to know there was a government drainage on this property, Now there is now sign of it. Need to explore more.

3. LOACTION- There is RAILWAY track behind this property, this is main track from Bengaluru to Mysore. In duration of two hours three train has passed. There are so much of noise. I think it will be very difficult in night time. Otherwise location wise both projects are good.

3. GRC will offer you payment plan which is only benefited to GRC, they will ask you pay 95% cost in 1-1.5 years on the name of frame construction. “GRC Brundavan” is first big project for GRC, they don’t have much experience as Salarpuria. Till date they are associated to small-small project/projects.

4. GRC’s MD use very abusive language, Few people have booked, He was forcing and shouting on them to pay foundation and basement cost ASAP. I have personally word with him, understood he don’t have sufficient fund, that why he is forcing people to release payment as soon as possible.

5. Side road to GRC Brundavan, which goes to block D is shared by near houses, which is one more legal thing need to explore more.

Note: GRC doesn’t have good background, be careful when you deal with small builder. Don’t trust them blindly. Since they don’t have GOOD NAME, so they are in fear to lose anything, they just fooling people and making their profit. Please try to work with reputed and good build builder, they might be bit costlier but your life is peaceful.
July 16 2012 , 07:23 PM   #3
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I got a good deal

Dr Pari S

I have booked an apartment in GRC brundavan after clearing all my doubts.

1. The project is launched just 3 weeks back by the company called G.R.C.Infra private Limited. Day before yesterday I booked my flat. This is a good project when compared to other projects in the same location. I feel that the price is better than what others are offering. I visited Salarpuria melody, where the price is very high than what grc is offering.

2. Car Parking value is little bit high. I can understand that even though they are charging 2.5l lakhs, they are giving more space to park car easily and also internal drive area is more compare to others.

3. Location is surrounded by gopalan arcade, Bangalore University and 15 acre upcoming park in the future. There will be no problem with road widening near their project. But Salarpuria melody is next to the Mysore road which is a national highway. Always vehicles movement will be there in NH4 which will create too much of dust and noise pollution 24X7.Also there is no open space available as grc brundavan has. So I have taken a good decision by making deal with GRC.

4. The Directors have almost 20 years of experience in construction industry and I was explained briefed about their previous projects. One of my colleagues is also having a flat in their previous projects. Also I have enquired with 2-3 customers who have bought flats in their previous projects. Since the construction is also being done by them, not by outsourcing, in case if we face any problem in future, the builder will sort it out. In case of Salarpuria they have outsourced to others for their construction .In case if any problem arises in future who will sort it out whether the builder or salarpuria? I think you have mistaken because the payment schedule is same as other builders.

5. I met the MD directly in their office for negotitaion.He is a very calm and nice person. The excavation work is going on now. In this stage how can the MD ask for the foundation and basement cost from the customers.
Think twice before you comment on someone. When you comment on somebody you should know him very well or do not comment if you do not know anything about him.

6. I don’t think there is any political issue. There is no drainage at all on the property and I personally visited all around the property to check and also enquired with neighbors and confirmed this.
7. The side road which is leading to Block D is exclusively for the Land owners. It does not relate to the building. This was clarified.

After considering the above all facts and GRC are not fooling customers, I have taken a decision to have a Flat at G R C Burundian, and booked to have a peaceful future in my life.
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August 21 2012 , 03:40 PM   #4
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My thoughts

Dear Dr Pari S, please do not circulate misleading information such as in your points numbered 2,3,4 and 5. All these are incorrect as I have visited this construction place myself multiple times and even discussed personally with the MD. He was not at all rude. And no one have forced us to pre-pay for the constructions which has not yet started.

I agree with Mr prasoon77. Sir, you have got a good deal.
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September 9 2012 , 08:08 PM   #5
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iamback's Avatar
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Hello Sir,
It so happened while browsing about GRC brundavan , i happen to see this. My friend had booked an apartment here. But due to lack of proper records he has backed out , relating to land issues. And How could be possible to restrict people of Block D . Just because of separate entrance we can't think we can fully restrict them.

Location seems to be very good. Do you have any idea about future prospects of RR nagar.

Thanking you
October 3 2012 , 04:18 PM   #6
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prasoon77's Avatar
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No documentation issues


I have booked an apartment in GRC brundavan after clearing all my doubts and documentation clearance . My loan also got sanctioned in SBI, Basavana Gudi branch.

how come , if it is documentation problem means how more than 10 banks have given the approvals ?
December 6 2012 , 12:21 PM   #7
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subbareddy's Avatar
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GRC brundavan

GRC brundavan is a beautiful upcoming project. You should visit, check for yourself and go ahead with the bookings.

I liked it personally.
December 6 2012 , 06:19 PM   #8

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what is the rate/psft?
January 12 2013 , 09:33 AM   #9
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GRC Brundavan


I personally liked the location of this property. Close to RR Nagar, Gopalan Mall and near Mysore road from where the connectivity is quite good.

However, I have following concerns on this property:

1. The property is next to the railway line. I am not sure how much problems will it cause in terms of Noise and Vibration when a train passes by. I have been given an understanding that if I take high rise flat then I might feel the vibration stronger compared to lower flats. Can anyone help me out here?

2. I see that rate/sqft is quite reasonable, but the misc. charges like Car prak, club house etc. are quite high. Are these justified in this project to charge something like this?

3. I have read other posts in this forum and learnt that there might be potential legal issue wrt drainage line. Is this property clean of the legal issues? Isnt this property approved by BBMP?

4. How is the construction quality of this property? Frankly I do not have much knowledge about this builder and this does not come under top 20 builders in Bangalore.

5. Marketing officers have told me that the possession of this property will start from early 2015. Do this builder keep up the timings? I do not have much idea about this also.

6. Do we have any problems wrt Water and Electricity facility in this area? How is the area as such?

Please help me with this queries as this can only help me take the decisions.

Many Thanks in advance.

July 10 2013 , 06:15 PM   #10
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I presume all( BuYERS AT MELODY ) of you must be facing the same issue of builder not responding nor communicating on what thE schedule or completion for thsi project would be. I have been personally been followingthe entire team,and its shocking to know that they are least bit bothered of the completion or details of delivery,We have already ended up paying close to 90% of the total cost all of us,and have been waiting since the last year or so ,post the caution notice everything in the project has gobne hay wire and the worst is the completely unruly and disgusting approach of the salarpuria team. Could we all get together and form a team and get to resolve our problems... amit -9845037773 Have written about 50 mails no response from salarpuria Have visted there office three times in the last one month,every time the concerned person is busy You visit the site they are not interested to talk to teh existing clients,want only to discuss with the new clients.
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