How do I know what is the present Jantry Rate ?
How can I calculate it ?

Its very simple.

In the Gujarat State Jantry Rates were prepared and made effective from 1st April 1999.
An upward revision by 50% to the rates of 01 - 04 - 1999 was made effective by the state government from 9th February 2007 to be increased by 5% of the last effective rates at every year starting from and with the first effect from 01-04-2007.

For Example I want to know the Jantry Rate for land bearing Final Plot No. 100 of Town Planning Scheme No. 21 (Ambawadi) of Ahmedabad, Gujarat for the financial year 2007-2008, it will be calculated as under :

Jantry Rate for F.P. No. 100 as per 01-04-1999 is Rs. 7,500/- per Sq. Mt.
Jantry Rate for F.P. No. 100 from 09-02-2007 is 1.5 X Rs. 7,500/- = Rs. 11,250/- per Sq. Mt.

Jantry Rate for F.P. No. 100 for year 2007-2008 is to be increased by 5% i.e. 1.05 X Rs. 11,250/- = Rs. 11,812.50 per Sq. Mt.

-Ketan Brahmbhatt
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