My name is Amit. I am currently residing in US. In few months I will be returning to Ahmedabad, to take over family Real Estate Bussiness. Before I go there I would like to get some knowledge about local terms. I know basic definition of Baanakhat and paanch baar ni nakal. I would like to see a copy of it before I go. I have search all over web and did not find any. If you have any additional information about it, I would really appreciate it.

Also, mods I am not sure if this is right section or not I appoligize if it posted in wrong section.


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  • Information of Nakal

    Dear Amit,

    It's not paanch Bar but it's Saat Bar ni nakal i.e Extract of 7/12 Village copy where the brief description of property and owner name is there.
  • Information of Banakhat

    Banakhat: It is an initial agreement which is entered between Vendor and Purchaser wherein description of the Property, Cost of the flat, Payment Terms, Financial details, and other formal terms & conditions are covered up in this agreement, and after that Final Sale Deed will be executed.

    paanch Baar: Actually it's not paanch bar ni nakal but it's called saat bar ni nakal wherein the brief details of property and name of owners are there.