GIFT city aspires to cater to India’s large financial services potential by offering global firms a world-class infrastructure and facilities. It aims to attract the top talent in the country by providing the finest quality of life all with integrated townships, IFSC and multi speciality special economic zone (SEZ). The site is 12 KM from the Ahmedabad International Airport and 8 KM from Gandhinagar.
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  • The Growth of India’s Financial Services / ITeS Sector

    The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in India’s financial services sector. It employs over 3 million people, constitutes about 5% of the GDP and has an estimated market capitalization of over US$ 200 billion. As India experiences continued economic growth, the financial sector could generate about 10-11 million jobs and a GDP contribution of US$ 350 to 400 billion by 2020. With a sustained growth and rapid development in technology and infrastructure, an increasing share of financial services would get centralized. McKinsey & Company’s market assessment report estimates potential of about 6 million centralized jobs across multiple service roles.

    Several developed countries have successfully established high-tech financial hubs, which over time have catered as international financial services centers. These centers provide suitable regulatory regimes and create a business environment to promote talent and increase capital flow. As they develop they create significant economic value for their domestic economies, e.g. London and New York account for 10% of the GDP and about 5% of jobs. Emerging financial services centers like Singapore and Hong Kong have achieved similar levels of concentration of economic activity over short periods of time.

    GIFT’s Positioning

    GIFT aspires to cater to India’s large financial services potential by offering global firms a world-class infrastructure and facilities. It aims to attract the top talent in the country by providing the finest quality of life.

    It is estimated that GIFT would provide 500,000 direct and an equal number of indirect jobs which would require 5.76 million square meter of real estate office and residential space.

    Target Business Segments

    Business . . . Nature of Opportunity

    1 Financial Services ------ Back-office of banking, Insurance and Asset Management

    2 Financial Services ---- Corporate roles in financial services companies. E.g. Accounting,

    3 Select Product Market ----- Private banking, Product development, Microfinance etc.

    4 Capital Market and Trading ----- Includes DCM, ECM, M&A,Commodity trading, Private Equity

    5 IT Services ------- Software Application development & maintenance for BFSI and other vertical

    6 ITeS/ BPO Services --- Captive BPOs of large global financial services companies, 3rd party
    providers KPOs etc
  • Zones delineation

  • see the upcoming towers of gift city
  • :)

    1 GIFT is designed to be a global financial services hub
    2 The Project is an initiative of Government of Gujarat (GoG), India
    2A The most proactive state in India with a strong emphasis on infrastructure.

    3 It is being developed and implemented by Gujarat International Finance
    Tec-City Limited (GIFTCL), a Joint Venture Company:
    3A GoG through Gujarat Urban DevelopmentCompanyLimited (GUDC) and
    3B Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd. (IL&FS)
    4 Project to be implemented on a Public Private Partnership format
    Project Background
  • Strong Location Advantage

    . 12 kms from Ahmedabad
    International Airport:
    8 lane Expressway

    . 8 kms from Gandhinagar:
    Political Capital of Gujarat

    . Abuts National Highway 8:
    Delhi -Mumbai

    . Strong Intercity Connectivity:
    Ahmedabad – Airport – GIFT -

    . Integrated Townships:
    High Quality Residences
    Social Infrastructure
    Strong Location Advantage

    The development of CBD projects can be clarified as the following three types according to their characters:
    Office : Includes office and associated facilities such as conference and exhibition
    Service : Including retail, restaurant, entertainment and cultural facilities, hotel
    Residential facilities : Including apartment, residential buildings

    BUA Component Area (Million Sqm.)
    Commercial 3.90 (42 mn sqft)
    Residential 1.30 (14 mn sqft)
    Social Facilities 0.56 (6mn sqft)
  • Information & communication technology

  • Solid waste management

    . Automated Waste Collection System (AWS) through chute system
    . Minimum Human Intervention
    . Minimize space requirement
    . Minimize impact on health
    . Waste sucked through pipes at a speed of 90 km/hr
    . Waste Treatment through Plasma Technology
  • District cooling system

    Efficiency through economies of scale
    Reduces energy costs
    Reduces maintenance costs
    Improves air quality and temperature control
    Reduces noise and vibration
    Total Estimated Capacity : ~ 1.0 Lakh TR
    different type of packages
  • now what is in packages with photos

    package A school & library 17 floors ( 1st photo )

    package B Retail and Residential: 1 x 30 floors, 1 x 25 floors ( 2nd photo )

    package C Gateway Towers: 2 x 70 floors/360m high; 1 x 45 floors ( 3rd photo )

    package D Diamond Tower: 87 floors/400m ( 4th photo )

    package E Retail, Commercial and Residential: 1x65 floors, 2x60 floors ( 5th photo )

    package F Retail and Commercial: 1 x 55 floors, 1 x 45 floors ( 6th photo )

    package G Hotel and Transport Hub: 1 x 70 floors, 1 x 65 floors, 1 x 40 floors ( 7th photo )

    package H Crystal Towers: 2 x 70 floors, 2 x 50 floors ( 8th photo )

    package J Residential, Retail, Commercial 1 x 40 floors, 2 x 35 floors, 13 x 15 ( 9th photo )
  • Package L - Commerical 2 x 35 floors, several x 25 floors

    Package M - Commercial: 1 x 50 floors, at least 3 x 30 floors

    Package N - entertainment 26 floors

    Package O Commerical: 1 x 52 floors, 1 x 50 floors

    Package P Retail, Residential: 1 x 32 floors, 2 x 25 floors

    Package Q Retail, Residential: 1 x 35 floors, 1 x 25 floors

    Package R Commercial: 3 X 32 floors

    Package S Commercial: 4 X 25 floors, 3 X 15 floors

    Package T - Retail,: 30 floors

    Package U - Residential, Retail: 2 x 35 floors, 2 x 25 floors
  • Package V1 - Riverfront

    Package V2 - Commercial: 62 floors

    Package W - Museum and Convention Center

    Package X - commericial & Retail: 3 x 55 floors

    Package Y - Commercial, Residential: 1 x 45 floors, 1 x 25 floors, 2 x 15 floors, 1
    x 10 floors