I am planning to by a Flat in Ahmedabad. There are three blocks in Appartment viz. A,B & C. B & C Blocks were completed and handed over to the buyers. Builder sold most of the flats in A block however he died in road accident leaving Flat No. 13 & 18 vacant without doors & windows, flooring and electrical wirings. Builder has adult son who keeps himself away from this matter. The Chairman of this appartment has given advertisement in all the leading newspapers to claim these two flats or he will sell these flats and there is no reply in regards to the advertisement. I want to buy one of these flats so what documents I ask from the Chairman of the Appartment. Please advice.
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  • My person belief is you should have a talk with the lawyer. Some would advise you to have list of documents and lets say you get all.

    But what will happen if any day original owner of the flat comes back.
    why to take chance.
  • talk to some property consultant. Legal matters could be tricky.