Most of the residential schemes in Ahmedabad had been of around 5 floors till now. Though nowadays schemes with more than 13 floors are being constructed because of higher FSI provision in city development plan of AUDA.

Logically, flats in high rise should be cheaper than flats in low rise in same locality as more flats can be accommodated. But, I don't see substantial price difference between the two categories.

Is my understanding correct or am I missing something?

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  • No much price differences in low rise OR high rise schemes... People like me love to live on heights :)
  • your understanding needs little more deep facts that land cost is major cost which has increased significantly over years which along with cost of construction many amenities which are not required in low / affordable housing makes high rise at similar or higher price range. Quality of construction also plays key role. Due to being earthquake prone area, people in Ahmedabad prefers lower floors however in place like Mumbai, buyers pay floor rise of likes of Rs 100 per sq ft for every floor rise. Hope this helps.