Hello Sir,

I Need some advice on renovating(adding 600 sqft in first floor) an old house with violations.

I Purchased a House 2 years ago in Bangalore.House was constructed in 2003.

Property has a valid PID , Electricity and BWSB connection and i am able to pay tax.

History of the building

Site on which now house is standing was under CMC previously, later the owner has paid betterment charges in the year 2000 and has got Building plan approved for a Ground floor building of 600 sqft, he has also obtained an A Khatha from BBMP.(Since i have only this plan in hand , which is very old and says 600 sqft hose in ground floor)

Later he constructed a duplex house on the same plot with an approx built up area of 1300 sqft.

In Khatha extract of the property it mentions it as residential house with 1000 sqft Ground floor and 200 sqft First floor.

Visible violations i could see

No Setback towards left
Setbacks appear to be there at the back(with some sajja doing an arial encroachment) and right.
At the front there is portico and some space , i am doubtful of 8% space, as my neighbors entrance is much ahead of mine i can say our house doesnot encroach road but may be there is no complete setback.setback.
NO Rain water harvesting.

MY questions. Your answers and experience will really help me a lot.

Now to renovate the house, if submit a new plan with actual building plus Proposed will it get rejected?

Also existing building plan is approved by CMC in 2003, will this create any problems , i know Engineer from BBMP will come and visit before approval, if he looks at old plan there are major violations.

Also when i contacted the architect , he said we don't need to give existing building plan to BBMP for approval at first, later he said let's not take the approval and simply construct the building. If anybody from BBMP visits during construction we can pay bribe.

(He said BBMP will not scrutinize building plan and we can live with violations for ever. However as a responsible owner , i am worried.)

4. Can i get a approved building plan for the proposed house by paying bribe, is it necessary or will it help when BBMP starts scrutinizing these violations?
( I don't support corruption, but my situation is bad… Govt setback regulations can not be accommodated at this stage… while buying, all the properties i saw had these violations.)
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