What is meant by DC Conversion? If any plot is DC converted or not what exactly it signify?
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  • Dear Sir,

    To buy a Land in Bangalore (in BBMP limits) is it required to be DC converted. It is a revenue land. Does it require DC conversion ? It is B Khata.. Please provide your comments
  • DC - District Commisioner, is responsible for converting revenue land to residential. The land is eligible for residential use only if it is DC converted. If you are planning to build a house with B khata (form B register), it is better to go for DC converted sites otherwise BBMP will not sanction the building plan. Else you should go for original khata (also called A khata) sites.
  • Regarding Khata Registration of one of my site


    I have purchased a 30/40 site in the outskirt of Bangalore which is DC Converted. The site is registered in my name and now i want to register a Khata for this site.Does anybody has any idea, when they will start issuing Khata for these sites?

    As you already aware, in Bangalore, because of BBMP election all the Khata registrations were put on hold. In that case, when all will reopen again. I also heard that, even for Revenue sites also they started issuing Khata. I am quite confused because, Revenue sites will not get Khata as per my understanding.

    Can anybody throw some light on this?