My Uncle purchased a plot in 1995 from a person "A" through GPA and the GPA is registred. from 1995 to Till today my uncle didnt register property on anyone's name. Now, my uncle is wanting to register property on his son name. Can my uncle register property on his son name with out presenece of "A". We know the person A is alive and he has also not sold the same property to anyone from 1995 to till date. Does "A" needs to come and sign the registered deed which my uncle is plannign to do on his son name. Would the deed be valid if we register with out presence of "A".
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  • You better contact an advocate. It's difficult to comment unless we see the GPA copy. I understand registration is not done but is there at least sale deed? You can't skip the actual owner during registration just with GPA alone. You need actual owner at least for khatha transfer, right!
  • U can surely register to anyone , I suggest to take a confirmation deed from A , after execution if sale deed and mention the sale deed number in that confirmation deed