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No Frills appt.


No Frills appt.

Last updated: December 13 2008
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  • No Frills appt.


    I am planning to buy a 2BHK NO FRILL appt. with good quality construction. All I need is basic amenities like car park, water , security etc. Seems like no body builds those kindda appt. any more in bangalore. I only get properties with swimming pools etc etc and beyond my budget.

    If any of the forum mebers knows any builder or have experiance of dealing with them earlier - please point me to them.

    I saw one developer named Frontline Builders Inc. , does anybody has any experiance with them? How are they? can I trust them?

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    Re : No Frills appt.

    Hi All,

    My advise........please do not belive on any advertisements given by frontline builders. Basically they are not the builders, they are just marketing people. These people talk as if they own those building but you will soon realize thats not the truth, but then you cant do anything if you have already invested.
    They do not know availability properly as they dont own any flat and will happily take money from you and it is very difficult to get that money back.
    These people might promise for 100% loan, but there is a one big trap behind it. They would show big amount to bank and get your 100% loan sanctioned.........but you will end up paying too much to the bank. So please dont belive on such things. Lot of people have ha bad experience with them. They talk very sweetly but thats just to trap you. If you go on their website you will realize they are into everything but not specialized into anything......u know what that means.


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      Re : No Frills appt.

      Which project did u see?


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        Re : No Frills appt.

        please let me know where in Banglore you are looking for .


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          Re : No Frills appt.

          frontline builders are cheaters

          kaggdaspura.............3 bedroom flat which has marketed by frontline. and finally lost so much of money..............whay r u so concerned to know which project. r u investing in any of their project. if yes please dont do that.......


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            Re : No Frills appt.

            The information posted about Frontline Builders is absolutely apt. they are not builders but they conduct marketing for small time builders. You can easily figure it out by checking out the large number of 'Open to Booking' projects that they show.

            One of my friends who is in real estate business has also the same to say about them. Anyone investing in any real estate project must check the reputation of the actual builder to avoid nasty surprises later.

            Indeed, I'm also looking forward to invest in Bangalore residential property but don't know how to proceed. Moreover, I would like to confirm the reputation of the builder twice before I invest with any.



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              Re : No Frills appt.

              frontline is fraud

              hi all, these blogs about frontline are really really good. I have been cheated by these guys big time. Had lots of problems with the builder too...

              Trust me and do not have any deal with these guys.
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                Re : No Frills appt.

                Frontline Builders is Great

                Hi All Here I will Like To Share My Exp. In Frontline Builders Its Really Great As I Bought A Flat From Them Only By Paying 25000 That's All. Frontline Builders Arranged Rest All From Bank Loan, Paying EMI Was No Probe For ME At Least No Headache OF Staying In Rent, Any Way thanks god, I Thought It Will Help You People.

                Thanks to Frontline Builders,


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                  Re : No Frills appt.

                  FrontLine is Not good

                  I have also the same kind of experience. Please stay away from these builder. Malini, may be having good luck to deal with them.
                  Either land or AIR and FOOD. Choice is yours.


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                    Re : No Frills appt.


                    hi friends,

                    whats ur opinion about concord builder in bangalore. i am looking forward to buy a flat from them. are they reliable?

                    thanks for ur help.


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