I am planning to buy a 2BHK NO FRILL appt. with good quality construction. All I need is basic amenities like car park, water , security etc. Seems like no body builds those kindda appt. any more in bangalore. I only get properties with swimming pools etc etc and beyond my budget.

If any of the forum mebers knows any builder or have experiance of dealing with them earlier - please point me to them.

I saw one developer named Frontline Builders Inc. , does anybody has any experiance with them? How are they? can I trust them?

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  • No frills apartments!!

    Well.. to come back to the topic of this thread.. arent there any no frills apartment builders in Blore. Almost everyone is building huge 3 BHKs with swimming pools and meditation centers. I am trying to find a good 2 BHK with basic features in a good location and there just arent any except the small builders..

  • Arinadmk is another poor fellow with the same name as Arin_12

    Originally Posted by arin_12
    Reality... Home for Middle class people. ArindamK is not mine. I hate that animal who changes color.

    Understand !!!


    Sorry for the confussion created here, my name is Arindam Kar and thus arindamk came, arin_12 is a different person!!! But our origin may be same I believe(both are from West Bengal originally!). I am a software pro now living in dubai since last 3yrs and Arin_12 is stying in Bangalore(I am not sure about the profession).

    Yes we are COMMON and perhaps SAME in one place - like most people here we do beleive that RE prices are superficially bumped up and we are no 'CROREPATI' to buy houses costs MILLIONS!!!

    Arindam Kar