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Bangalore Master Plan-2015


Bangalore Master Plan-2015

Last updated: June 21 2007
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  • Bangalore Master Plan-2015

    The Govt. has already cleared the final Bangalore Master Plan-2015 with some modifications to the draft. The major changes to the draft plan recommended include points such as: Proposed PRR with truck terminals, Group Housing, Airport Express Way, Metro Rail Alignment, Removal of Parks in private lands, Hi-tech Corridor, ORR-missing link, BMP land fill sites, provision for forests, water bodies, valleys etc..

    The revised zonal regulations allows for Flexible Zoning Systems and for mixed land use

    * Enhancement of FAR to a maximum of 3 and Depending on road width up to 4
    * Enhancement of FAR to a maximum of 4 around proposed metro stations.
    * Enhancement of FAR up to 4 for bus terminals by BMTC
    * Re-development of central areas mooted by providing additional FAR as incentive.
    * Main focus on regulations rather than restriction-developmental oriented.
    * Compulsory Planting of minimum of one and two trees in sites measuring 2400 Sq. ft. and 4000 Sq. ft respectively.
    * High rise buildings have been redefined on par with Mumbai regulations.
    * Safety measures against earth quake are initiated as per NBC (National Building Code)
    * Whenever the total area proposed for formation of layout exceeds 10 acres, then adequate extent of land to be earmarked for provision/installation of utilities like transformer, sewage treatment plant, overhead water tank, bus bay/shelter etc. This area may be taken in to calculations under either CA or Parks as the case may be. Decision of the Authority in this regard shall be final.
    * For a layout not exceeding 1.0 ha (10,000 sq. m), reservation of Parks and CA have been exempted after collecting fee as prescribed by Government
    * Provision of stilt parking
    * Provision of basement up to 5-levels.
    * Multi level car parking: Incentive by not limiting the FAR
    * Car parking provided in excess of required quantity is exempted from FAR.
    * Height limitation of 2.75 m in earlier ZR (Zoning Regulation) has been relaxed to 3.5 m for normal parking. In case of stacked parking, 4.5 m is allowed.

    Integrated Townships:

    To give impetus to economic growth and retain the vibrancy and dynamism of the urban form for a city like Bangalore, the concept of 'Integrated Township' with minimum 40 Ha of land having access from minimum 18 m road width is a good approach for the future of Bangalore.

    Protecting Valleys:

    In consultation with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, protection of valleys has been given top priority and identification of primary, secondary and tertiary canals has been initiated in Vrishabhavathi, Arkavathi, Bellandur and Hebbal Valleys. Providing buffer zone of 50 mtrs, 25 mtrs and 15 mtrs respectively on either side of canals is proposed for primary, secondary tertiary canals.

    To tide over the problem of park zones in private lands, it is recommended to develop three main public areas to be developed as public parks and recreation centres such as:

    * Sulikere, Kommaghatta and Maragondanahally (Kengeri Hobli) Reserve forests to be developed as National Parks jointly by BDA and Forest Department.
    * The proposed debris dumping area at Magadi Road adjoining valleys and the reserve forest areas and surrounding places to be developed as recreation spots
    * The third park area is in between Rayasandra and Gattihalli village lakes and the connected valleys in Sarjapur Hobli.

    Public and Semi-Public Zone:

    About 518 acres of land earlier identified as - public and semi-public zone in Gasthi Kempanahalli, Agrahara and Kogilu and about 286 acres in Chikkanayakanahalli has now been proposed for Commercial Zone for taking up Commercial Projects by BDA. Some of the lands coming under co-ordinated planning areas in draft plan covering some public sector units and closed Industrial units have been proposed for Commercial use.

    New layouts and Group Housing:

    BDA has estimated the availability of about 3890 acres of land in West Zone for the purpose of Group Housing, layout formation and other service projects.

    An area of around 4560 acres has been proposed between Hosur and Varthur Road to develop as all inclusive composite zone, providing for both work place and residence in one place and the entire area around the Industrial Zone to be considered as developmental block.

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