Please share your opinions about why you would or would not buy an apartment on the top floor of a building? Also, if anyone is already living in a top floor apartment, what has your experience been like? Thanks!
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  • me too

    I am also curious to know this? Any expert comments please.
  • I am living on a top floor apartment right now but its's just a six storey building in Delhi.

    Reasons for :
    More ventilation
    Less noise pollution
    No disturbance from floor above

    Reason against:
    Slightly more heating than lower floors but this factor works to our advantage in Delhi winters ( not valid for Bangalore weather though )

    Now, i have booked an apartment in a 24 storey building on the 23rd floor because I prefer the more spacious and less noisy atmosphere of top floors plus of course a panoramic view.

    Let's hear from guys preferring lower floors now :-)
  • I have stayed in both Pune and Chandigarh and the preference is completely opposite which is evident in the variation of price in different floors.

    In Pune, higher floor more cost of the flat (barring the top floor). Top floor is not preferred as it gets very hot in summers and there is more chance of seepage as compared to other floors.
    People generally prefer one or 2 floors below the top floor because of ventilation, good views and less noise.

    In Chandigarh it is the other way round. People prefer lower floors and price goes down as you go up. I think it is mainly due to the fact that the apartment culture is very new here and people generally associate higher floors to climbing up more stairs. Even though lifts with power backup are very common in the new apartments the mentality has not changed. I think with time when usage of lifts becomes common, preference may change to match what is there in Pune (And presumably Mumbai)
  • If you talk about Higher Floor Vs Lower floor then look here for pointers

    If you talk about the top floor then generally that is not preferred most of the time due to....
    1. Direct heating during summer daytime and direct cooling during winter night.
    2. Water leakage during rainy season. Although there are many water proofing technologies.... but if there is any problem then you are the only victim and no one in your society bother about the problem.

    Only advantage is... no one on top of you so no "Elephant Stamping" and noise from upper floor and no water/dust dropping from upper floor... no sari hanging from upper floor and all those uncivilised nonsenses.

    Generally top floor is discounted in most of the places and the floor just below command the maximum premium.

    ..... you get best of both world if you buy the penthouse ..)
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