I am interested in Mantri Tranquil and would like to know the feedback about that project. Also saw some old news that there are problems with the Khata number on the land on which the whole project is built. These news were some 2 years old. Not sure if something was done. Also there is the High Tension wire going thru the complex, which Mantri has been promising to remove in next 2 months for last 3 years.

I have been following that project for last 2-3 years and didn't see much development on the road to the apartments. Though there is some development happening nearby that place such as Mantri Serenity and Iskon Gokulam.

The prices being quoted are Rs 73L+Regn for a 3BHK 1745-1760 Sqft and Rs 65L+Regn for a 2BHK+Study 1490 Sqft . I think the prices are high but willing to negotiate with the owners if everthing is legally fine.

Also many of these apartments are fully ready but not yet registered by the owners. Seems the Khata is also not done for any of these apartments. Also some of the owners have done minor modifications (such as separated the Toilet from Bath in the same area etc).

Anybody aware of the Legal issues with this property ? Anything else that I should be careful of, regarding the title/papers etc. What is your opinion ?

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  • i have few of my flat crazy cousins living there.. my observations are or
    flipsides :
    1. high tension wire near the room , below the park , next to living etc. one just needs a safety pin and few meters of copper wire to tap the electricity free of cost into their homes..
    2. property is built on gomala land (meant for grazing cattle) of the nearby village. (for people disputing it , ever heard a urban authority putting so many homes near to high tension wires? )
    3. parking space is crammed! yes, not enough for a car of indian standards..
    4. if one needs an auto, need to walk atleast 200-500 meters.
    5. terrain is not flat and looks like built on a small hill..

    positive side :
    aaahh... i am trying to make one.. but sorry I couldnt.. maybe the owners of apartments can write about upcoming projects, estemmed neighbours, hi-tech security etc..
  • Thanks duffy

    Yes, I am aware of many of the issues there. Here are a few from what I got from some of my friends:

    a) High tension wire: This causes tiredness, headaches etc.
    b) Terrain is not even.
    c) Currently water is only thru borewell and tankers. Future plans is to get Cauvery.
    d) Khata number was not correct.
    e) Some apartments tiles are popping out. Mantri is replacing them
    f) Some apartments toilet seats are breaking. Mantri is replacing them, heard that there is a waiting list for that. :)
    g) Mantri had promised lot of things, which are still not done.

    But there are some good things which I liked:
    a) The cenrtal landscape/garden. Though it is directly below the High Tension wire, but it is very nicely done.
    b) Complex is huge, so lot of playing and walking/jogging area.
    c) Lot of open space.

    Overall, if I am getting a good resale rate, I can ignore some of the above problems.
  • Everytime we walk below a high tension wire, brain gets so much of elector magnetic radiation. Many power line researchers have pointed out that there is generally no serious cause for concern for homes located at least 300 feet away (roughly the length of a football field) from the nearest power line as EMF levels decrease rapidly and exponentially with distance from the lines. But in case of Mantri, its almost 30 ft away from homes which increases the risk 10 times.

    Even after paying 75 lakh where else in this world we can see people living in properties which are next to high tension wire which provides hard water, have popping tiles on floor, broken toilets, a waiting list for fixing plumbing problems etc..
    suggested reading : Power Lines, Static Electricity and Diseases
  • Thanks again. After reading the webpage, you provided, it seems I have to look for a better project with no-headaches.
  • Hi all,

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