I am thinking of investing in Concorde Cuppertino.
Can somebody share some facts, opinion, experience on this project?
Is the price ~90 lakhs worth a 30*40 plot with SBA of 1850 SQFT in Electronic City in front of Wipro office?

Many thanks.
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  • I am also interested in Concorde Cuppertino

    I am also interested in Concorde Cuppertino 30*50 or 40*50 villa.
    But not sure how this grp is and their quality. Specially is this area in electronic city is populated?
    Does it worth spending money here? Is it a jungle?

    Thanks for any guidance or help.
  • Concorde Cuppertino


    The area is not a jungle. It is in front of Wipro gate 16. Lots of apartments already there and are coming up on that road. Concorde Manhattans, Concorde Silicon Valley, Ittina, Ajmera Infinity etc are there. I have seen villa projects of Concorde before. The quality looks OK. Only concern is the price they are charging. I am not sure whether it is worth it.

  • over priced for that location!!
  • worth every single penny.if you can support the finance just go ahead with it.its a gold mine

    Not worth that kind of money at all.

    I know of atleast 15 projects where u will get 2 villas of 30 x 40 for the same 90 lakhs. U can keep one and rent out the other and thus make some income for your pocket money too.

    Only, perhaps, u will have to travel some distance.