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I am looking at buying an apartment.
Have not been able to decide between Purva Skywood and DLF westend.
Would appreciate if somebody could suggest which one would be better. I am in USA, so not able to look at the properties.

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  • I would suggest to go with Purva, its always better to go with local builder. DLF is local for Gurgaon, not bangalore. Please see then notice for DLF -

    dlfimage.JPG (image)
  • Some more old news -


  • I think, I would choose DLF Westend Heights between these two.

    1. Consider its amazing location: access to Hosur express road, Bannerghatta road and nice road and I recently heard that Begur road is going to be 200 feet wide, don't know how true it is ? :)

    2. Township project

    3. Purva Skywood seem to be a good project but it lies in a bit congested are with many apartment projects, DLF westened heights is surrounded with lay outs, and personally I like that.

    But please check about the delays in DLF and approvals for their club house etc.

    Hope this helps.