The promotors of GR Sunvillas have only one completed project to showcase, Suncity Apartments, Sarjapur Road. This is one of the shoddiest projects on Sarjapur Road. The entire mess was created by Corporate Leisure and its unprofessional owners and staff.

(Visit : Save Suncity from Corporate Leisure)

It is a well known fact that the promoter of GR Sunvillas is a son of MD of CLPD and the family jointly runs business like the school, supermarket etc. These guy's strategy is to control the projects and start all sorts of business ventures illegaly inside the premises without handing over the projects to the residents. Before you invest in GR Sunvillas take a visit to Suncity Apartments and see the true colours of this builder and family.

In fact the GR Sunvillas owner stays and operates his office from the flats gifted by CLPD.
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  • Even after the construction of the Suncity Apartments, builder and his goons are controlling that place. They have setup a slum in and around Suncity to put up the labourers working for their other projects. These people roam around freely inside the buildings and anybody who question this are threatened by the goons/sons of CLPD. He is running a parallel government in Suncity. They are probably the worst builder in Bangalore for no doubt.
  • Protests are continuing unabated at Suncity even after 8 years of construction. Builder has neither handed over the premises to residents, nor they have given what they promised. Watch the TV9 coverage.

    TV9 Coverage: Protest against CLPD Suncity builder by residents - YouTube
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