There is a project by Rohan builders called Rohan Jharoka for which phase II is launched recently with an offer price of Rs 4200/ sq ft and location is just behind HAL Airport.
You have to shell out more money in case you chose for the higher floors and for balconies facing towards airport you have shell out another premium amout.

I was just wondering If that builder is really considering the safety involved of the residents living here, I mean how safe it is to stay just next to Airport where you can see the planes taking off and landing every now and then and specially when you know that jet fighter planes testing takes place in the same airport.

I wrote what I felt after visiting the location / site.

Please share your views on this....
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  • I have just visited the apartments and here is the summary of my observations:

    1. Distance from main road is 1.9 km. There are no major businesses around the area with no scope for any coming up thanks to the adjacent old airport. It just feels so isolated and interior.

    2. The available flats dimensions are: 1667, 1698, 1734, 1771 and 1798. All flats have the same main livable area. The difference in area is due to difference in sizes of the balconies and garden (if the flat has one). Built up area of each flat = 1441 sft. Approx. common area = 200 sft.

    3. Blocks P, Q and R

    Rs. 3850/sft for flats facing inside
    Rs. 4000/sft for flats facing runway

    Should be ready by 13 Sep 2013.

    Blocks S and T

    Rs. 4100/sft for flats facing inside as well as runway

    Should be ready by 13 Dec 2013.

    For all the blocks, Rs. 75/sft every 3 floors up.

    All in all, I am not considering this because of point #1.
  • I first visited this project in Oct'10 to check availability in Phase 1. I didnt like any of the available apartments at that time and also the location (being 2km from the main road) wasnt to my liking.

    A friend of mine was considering phase 2 and so i took him there in Sept/Oct'11. The buildings are too close to the airport for my liking. There will no doubt be disturbance from the flights taking off and landing but also likely to be signal interference. However what hit the nail on the coffin was that the phase 1 project already looked a half a decade old in just 1 year.
  • I visited Jharokha last year and dropped the idea of booking due to distance from the main road. I was told that they are coming with a project near to Brigade Metropolis mahadevapura. This is launched now. Must say far better location in comparison. Project name is Rohan Avriti.