Please give your feedback of Aratt Adora Project of ARATT HOMES (Arattukulam Developers)

Aratt Adora is a 10 floor building with an unmatched carpet area of 81%, and exclusive facilities. A spacious twin level car parking area and amenities including swimming pool, shuttle courts, amphi theater, play area, beautiful landscaped and manicured gardens, cricket practice nets complement your lifestyle. Special care has been taken in designing these apartments to receive good ventilation with ample flow of fresh air and sunlight. With minimum common wall between them, each apartment is independent in its own . Aratt Adora is so designed that all electrical and sanitary lines pass through internal ducts, enhancing aesthetic value and making the apartments leak proof. Thoughtful, meticulous and detailed planning with due respect to all civic regulations (BDA / BBMP) makes this venture a convenient place to stay and good asset to acquire. After all, remember it bears your name in its front door!!

Property Type: 3 BHK Apartments
Residential Apartment
Location: Sarjapur Road
Area Range: 1353 sqft to 1509 sqft
Bedroom: 2 and 3 BHK
Price Starting From: Rs. 2450/- per Sq. Ft.
Possession: March 2013
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  • Hi,

    I will reply to this thread only if the forumites stick to constructive comments.

    We have currently went in for the approval of G+8 floors. I don't have a particular date before which we will obtain the approval but the word is it will take a maximum of 45 days.
    We have already contacted few of our customers and provided them updates about the project. Please wait for few more days and you will definitely hear from our executives.

    Excavation has already started in vivera and will soon be updated on our website with photos.

    Other than vivera we have only 1 pre-launch project i.e firenza and sales are going well. What ever has happened in vivera is not intentional. We are trying our best to get the wires removed but its taking more time than we expected.

  • Thanks Yathish.. Good to see you back on this forum. 45 days mentioned by you is for all the Blocks or for only Block A?
  • Yathish,I was also looking to buy in Vivera.Only in this forum that i came to know about the associated tension. So you mean Vivera with all the blocks is still on and can be booked?
  • Yathish, if you guys have applied for approval for Block B and C then can u post those documents in your website as u have done for Block A. Because its a big question for us whether Block B and C would come up as no progress yet in movement of electric lines.
  • if anyone alive in this thread. seems all have cancelled their booking and Aratt is happy about it as they can sell those flats at higher rate after keeping owners money for 2 years
  • I think its no use asking as well since people have stop giving deadlines now.
    There is no excavation or construction going on in this land and its flat as was ever.
    The electric wires are also still there as they have been before.

    I hope we get some update by an Aratt builder member as its getting too frustrating now.
  • As Yathish had told final approval will take maximum 45 days on 10th April, so as on today 37 days are over. Yathish are you sure approval will be in place within next 8 days? or just like ur earlier date 31st Jan, this 45 days also doesn't make any sense.

    I agree with you Abhiperiwal, they had just done little excavation to capture a pic and post it to customers but fact is that till electric lines are moved, there is no hope of Vivera coming up.
  • Vivera Customer - dying slowly, no energy left to reply on this forum.
    Vivera Project Position - the status quo since 1.5 yrs.
  • Let's get practical guys... Vivera has been delayed so much that Aratt do not find it profitable to build an apartment they have sold at arnd 21-2200/sqft.. They are simply delaying the project and playing around with floor plans in an attempt to get as many cancellations as possible.. Otherwise do you think for a builder like Aratt which has completed some big projects in past, getting an approval will take such a long time.. You may opt to play this game of patience with Aratt if you made a booking thinking investment in mind as you will end up getting huge returns whenever this project comes up. otherwise if wanted to buy a home to live in, I dont think it is worth waiting for.
  • Hi Friends,

    Aratt has mentioned in their blog that now no need to shift the electric lines as they are going to build the compound wall around electric wires. did anyone check the updated layout. As electric wire passes through middle of the property so i think its not possible to do it without dividing the whole property in two parts. Don't know how many times they change the layout plan or they are just bluffing to give some reason for the delay.

    Also electric wires passes through the approved plan for Block A. so approved plan is also no longer valid? so this time again they will go G+4 approval first which will take around 3-4 months and then again 3-4 months to convert them to G+8. May be separately for Block A and B to increase the delay. Horrible!!
  • A Bill providing for setting up a regulator for the real estate sector and having provisions like a jail term of up to three years for developers who make offences like putting up misleading advertisements about projects repeatedly was approved by the government today.

    The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, approved by the cabinet, seeks to provide a uniform regulatory environment to the sector.

    It also intends to make it mandatory for developers to launch projects only after acquiring all statutory clearances from relevant authorities. Builders and developers who become repeat offenders may even face a jail term of up to three years. The Bill makes it mandatory for builders to clarify the carpet area of the flat. This would be made uniform for the entire country. This rule would make the concept of super area - which is often used to mislead owners - virtually non-existent. The Bill has provisions under which all relevant clearances for real estate projects would have to be submitted to the regulator and also displayed on a website before starting the construction, sources said. The proposed legislation has tough provisions to deter builders from putting out misleading advertisements related to the projects carrying photographs of the actual site. Failure to do so for the first time would attract penalty which may be up to 10 per cent of the project cost and a repeat offence could land the developer in jail.

    The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation is working on bringing all projects under a single-window clearance. While the Airports Authority of India and municipal bodies have come on board, there are some objections from the Environment Ministry which are being looked into. Ministry sources said 22 states had given their approval to the Bill while five states wanted certain amendments. These changes have been incorporated in the Bill cleared by the Cabinet today, sources said.

    Chhattisgarh is the sole state to still oppose the Bill. Builders and developers will have to get all clearances -from title deed to project cost - cleared before construction begins. FAR (Floor Area Ratio) will also have to be specified clearly by the builder. While the Regulator in the states will be appointed by the state governments, in Delhi the Urban Development Ministry will appoint the regulator. DDA is likely to be made the regulator in Delhi, sources said.

    The Regulator will also be the appellate authority in cases of dispute. This will save the owners the hassle of running around to different authorities for redressal. The developers will also have to specify the common area in the society. The term "apartment" has been specified in the Bill and will include the space to be provided for a garage.
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  • Guys, any update on approval?
  • did anyone visited their office? it seems they have scrapped the project. worst thing is that they have not informed their customers who are waiting for 2 years for vivera. people please don't invest in their project. they are bunch of cheaters. on cancellation also they are not refunding the booking amount giving excuses like fund is not there now etc..
  • I guess there is some amount of work started on the site. Even I have invested in this project and have been communicating with aratt guys almost weekly. There has been a lot of delay (courtesy - Indian Government), but I feel it's not true that the project is scrapped.

    Please do provide more details on this. It will really help all the people who have invested here.