Here’s an interesting story about one road close to Electronic City, not much known to most forum members and 10 projects on this road.

Off Sarjapur Road, you have a road called Harlur Road (HR). This HR connects to Hosa Road junction/signal on Hosur Road from where easily you can reach Electronic City.

This HR also connects to Sarjapur Road from one side. On Google, you may perhaps find it as Haralur Road also. Once u connect to Sarjapur Road, u can easily go to Bellandur also, if your work place is towards that side or even reach Wipro Corporate Office area easily. HSR BDA Shopping Complex on 14th Main Road is also not very far away from this HR. National Institute of Fashion Technology on 27th Main is also not very far away from this HR. In fact, this HR area is also called HSR Layout Extension.

Now, what is interesting about this HR is the number of projects that are under construction here. Acres and acres on both sides of this HR are plain empty grounds but almost every inch has been bought/accumulated/acquired by builders long since. Currently, not 1 or 2 but 10 projects are ongoing. That is what is interesting – especially for those who may be considering DLF Maiden Heights or Confident projects on Sarjapur Road.

The condition of this road Haralur Road is horrible – the less said the better – but which road in Bangalore “was” not bad “once upon a time”? This is the only thing that may put you all off.

Now, the projects and the price difference. The few projects that are ongoing on this road are:

Springfield Apartments, Ozone Residenza, Lakedew Residency Phase 2, Purva Skywood, Sobha Cinnamon, ND Passion, Silver County, Silver Shelter, SLV Flora, Silver Heights. All these projects are in a radius of just 3-4 kms – at the most – from one another, while some among these, are just adjacent to one another.

Now, the price difference.

Silver County is a 185 units apartment complex in Phase I and another 185 in Phase II. Launched at 2300 psft just 2 months ago, now it is selling at 2400 psft. Handover in Dec 2012.

Less than just a km away is ND Passion. Price is 3390 psft. While ND is giving a 1300 SFT apartment at 57,37,434 all inclusive including registration (AIIR), Silver County is giving a 1337 SFT apartment at 38,53,803 AIIR. Both projects are progressing at a menacing pace. As for rest of the things, all of u investigate, compare yourselves.

ND Passion by the way, has another project called ND Laurel on Varthur Main Road, selling at just 2450 psft, a 2BHK 921 SFT apartment at just 30,10,750 AIIR.

All I have given here is just some food for thought about some cheap bargains in a Road, unexplored by most of you, unknown to most of you.
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  • Thanks for starting this thread and many thanks for research on this Harlur & Hosa Road. And this road has very good connectivity to many of the workplaces.

    Yes. I have been watching developments in this area from last year. It is amazing!!!...lot of new projects including BDA approved layouts and apartments.

    I don't know the price of the apartments in this area but i was very interested in BDA approved layout.

    Price Quoting of BDA approved layouts in this area >= 3500 sft.

    One of the premier layout in this area are: Reliaable Lifestyle.
  • As compared to Harlur road how good is Hosa Road as many projects are coming on that road also. Is there some plan of broadening both the roads in the future?

    Originally Posted by himanshu_pec
    As compared to Harlur road how good is Hosa Road as many projects are coming on that road also. Is there some plan of broadening both the roads in the future?

    The whole of the Hosa Road/Jail Road/Naganathapura Road/Mico Bosch Road (all these are different names of Hosa Road) is to be widened into a 4 lane 80 feet road till the Sarjapur Road connecting point; 2 lanes on one side and 2 lanes on the other side with a divider in between, as per the 2015 Master Plan. All structures/buildings to be demolished have all been already marked and notices served to owners/occupants. It is just a matter of time when they will be demolished for road widening.

    So, Hosa Road is surely a road to be watched with a number of projects to be launched going forward. A project or investment on this Hosa Road is surely, any day, better than a one on Harlur Road. That answers your question.

    Harlur Road is also slated to be widened into a similar 80 feet road but the residents of the area are trying to put pressure on the authorities to get the road widening proposal cancelled. I doubt if they will succeed. Surely by 2015, this Harlur Road too will easily get widened since it is actually already also in a list of 133 roads to be widened as per the CDP 2015 plan.
  • Thanks for the information Ravikanth. What is the kind of appreciation you see at Hosa Road in the next 4-5yrs as the prices on Sarjapur road are already above 5000psf. When is the road widening expected or has it already started?

    Originally Posted by himanshu_pec
    Thanks for the information Ravikanth. What is the kind of appreciation you see at Hosa Road in the next 4-5yrs as the prices on Sarjapur road are already above 5000psf. When is the road widening expected or has it already started?

    Road widening has not yet started. It will, depending on budget allocations, happen anytime before 2015 since it is covered under CDP 2015 under the JNNURM plan.

    Prices on Hosa Road are also just around 2400-2500 psft currently, in all new projects just launched or proposed/planned to be launched in the next 3-4 months. Quite a few are in the pipeline. By project completion date, all these will easily see an escalation of about 600-900 psft - most take 18-22 months for project completion from launch date. So, what u should do is book and buy during pre launch and sell and profit after project completion - find another new project with that capital and repeat the cycle. That is how investors make money.

    If u have patience,, wait for a project of 185 apartments to be launched in Jan 2012 in a G + 4, off Sarjapur Road, just 300 mtrs away from Notre Dame Academy, also called Sophia Residential School, a prelaunch planned at just Rs. 2200 psft by MJ Infrastructure - a project called "Astyllen" - wherein a 1500 sft 3 BHK will cost u only 33 Lakhs plus 3.50 lakhs for power, water, club house, car park etc. Of course, registration, stamp duty, VAT will be extra.
  • A New pre-launch is on-going at a low price

    This project Astyllen has started its pre-launch now at 2000 psft. This prelaunch at 2000 psft will be closed by this month end, I guess.

    Launch is planned in Feb 2012 at 2400 to 2600 psft. Only 100 apartments are on offer since 60 are already sold out. Total is only 160 units.
  • Ravi,

    haralur area is my fav. to look for the upcoming projects..i have been searching project on this area from past 1.5 year..!!! so much land is empty and waiting to kick off new projects...!!! especially haralur and hosa road both are very good in terms of connectivity to IT parks.

    the best part i liked is the water availability in these area and will take quite more years to make it dry but till that time i hope BWSSB would be there in future. below are some projects ppl can explore...

    purva skywood, sobha cinemon, ND passion & passion+, DSR ultima, GR sagar nivas, sai poorna high end, premier, & luxuria, relliable villas, SJR trillium, MJ astellyn, HM symphony (few flats still available), confident phenix
  • @Ravikanth, good thread. but, unless this road gets widen, i dont think there will be a good appreciation for the projects on this road. not sure on what basis sobha is quoating more than 4k psft for its project, while the road to reach that apartment is less than 15 ft (in haralur village ;-)

    @psangani, you forgot to add ozone evergreens to the list. in fact, that's the first big Apt complex you reach on haralur road, coming from sarjapur road. also, there's a Mahavir project coming up near notre dame school, where Ravikanth mentioned abt MJ infra project. that price too is attractive.
  • Any residential layouts available in this area?

    I am looking to build a villa in near Marahathalli and considering this area. Is there a layout available in this area?
  • any idea whats the price for sjr trillium ?
  • Hi Ravikanth/Others,

    How is Silver Crown Project. On their website they are offering Rate of 2850 PSF. Any Observations/Feedback on the Project/Builder ?

    What is the future prospect of this Area/Road (in next 1-2 years) ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Waiting for your feedback guys .....

    Thanks in advance.
  • Ravikanth,

    Waiting for your expert feedback :)
  • @prasky, u shld make it a habit to chk yr PM or Visitor's message in your profile every now and then.
  • All, it seems Silver Crown has increased from 2850 to 3250 from today ....crazy ....with so many good projects around ...who will pay 3250 psf for silver crown ....nothing around this project ...completely isolated...