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    The below is meant only for those who have some excess or idle cash and do not know what to do with it or don’t want to put it in a Fixed Deposit or want to actually park it somewhere as “Investors” or those who wish to buy at a huge discount to actual launch price or actual Market Price.

    The below is also only for those with some risk appetite or those who are planning to buy their 2nd or 3rd home. The below is certainly not for young 22 to 35 somethings who will want to jump at my throat immediately now, after reading the below post. The below is meant only for mature, seasoned professional investors who have the courage to believe in themselves and in what the builder says, promises or signs in the Agreement. The below is meant only for those who have already experienced one or two or more real estate buy or sell transactions in their lives and have grown and matured as individuals in the real estate industry.

    The below is meant only for those who have about 40 to 50 lakhs upfront payment capacity or the ability to encourage, motivate, gather, form a group of 4-5 like minded people to all together pool-in 10 Lakhs each to share the spoils of the game later, when the project is complete. Something like Venture Capital investors or Angel Investors or Seed Capital Investors.

    The below is meant only for those who want to learn and grow as individuals or exploit opportunities that rarely come their way.

    The below is meant only for those who have a “waiting period patience” and “investment horizon time limit” of atleast 2 and a half years from launch date of the project.

    The below is certainly NOT meant for those who are thirsting for my BLOOD. The below is certainly NOT meant for those who have the habit of “SHOOTING THE MESSENGER”. The below is certainly NOT meant for those who want to suspect my integrity and honesty and want to suspect my intentions or character and want to hide behind “pseudonyms” and ask me silly questions on the forum here. So, please refrain and control your temptation to create a sensation by indulging in “idle-time, time-pass character assassination” attempts, in order to safeguard your own self-respect, among fellow forum members.

    I am not “too eager” to help anyone of you here. I am just spreading a message here. So don’t anyone of you who is “oversmart”, jump the gun and say, “why is this guy so eager to help us? What is his ulterior motive here?” - because if u ask such questions, it will be a futile exercise and will be unproductive. For all I know, I wouldn’t care or bat an eyelid if all the 1.2 billion population of India drowns in the Arabian Sea and I am the only Last Man Standing.

    Below is the message:

    Under the “Investor’s Quota”, apartments are available very cheaply and many people just don’t know about such a concept.

    Tell me honestly, how many of you knew that such a concept existed – where you can get apartments at a massive discount?

    Several builders have something called “Investor’s Quota” but the common man never gets to know about it. Now, after reading this post of mine, many of you may want to ask your favorite Builder yourself, “do you have an Investor Quota flat available?”.

    To know that, you have to ask the right man in the company and none will tell you who is the right man. You cant get access to the Managing Director of the company so easily because the Sales Manager or the Marketing Manager will not get any benefit (he will lose his Incentive or may not get Bonus), if you become an Investor and get a Flat at a low price. So, he will never let you meet the MD to ask that question.

    The Marketing Executive/Sales Executive also will say, “no such thing is available” because he too will lose his incentive. Besides, if all flats are sold cheaply under the Investor’s Quota, what will the Builder gain? So, only a few flats are sold under this quota and they all quickly get gobbled up.

    Hence, you need to be an early bird, quick decision maker, get the news about the “opportunity and availability” before anyone else. Normally, such opportunities exist about 4-5 months in advance, before a project is launched, when the papers with the authorities are just being processed.

    First of all, a concept called Investor's quota is not known to the general public at all since it gets consumed by people in the Builder’s inner circle itself. As a common man, after I became an "Investor" with a builder myself and got an apartment very cheaply - I realised there could be many more like me who would surely be interested in something like that - compared to the market price or compared to what the general public ends up paying for it, u as an Investor will get it very cheaply.

    Also, builders normally don’t entertain general public to become "Investors" unless they come through some reference or known contacts – through a person already known to the builder himself directly first. That is where I come into the picture, if u want to get something cheaply, where u will need my help, since I am known to the builder.

    The only hitch is, Investors have to pay a fat cheque upfront - as u can understand. That is why you are called an INVESTOR, hence u get it cheaply.

    What is my benefit if I make you an Investor and get you an apartment at a low price?

    Honestly, I think you should NOT even bother about it actually. You should worry about what is the benefit in it for you. Let’s say for eg., is there any benefit for me if I ask you, “What is your salary? How much do you get? How much do you earn?”. It is honestly, none of my business.

    Besides, everybody in this world does not do everything always, only for some “personal benefit”. Some people do it just for “pleasure”. Azim Premji is opening 1200 free schools all over India, from his own money, just for “pleasure”. Anna Hazare is doing, what he is doing, just for “pleasure” – for the good of the nation – as their contribution to society.

    As a Professional Investor or Researcher myself, I work or get to know several builders or their future project plans and thus many upcoming opportunities. Sometimes, I feel like sharing them with guys like you.

    All deals will be transparent, agreements will be signed with the builders by you directly - but they normally have a "fixed price" for investors and negotiations are normally not entertained on the price front. Even if u get 20 of your friends as a group to “Invest” in 20 flats, discounts can not be discussed as the price is already very low for Investors. So, dont even think of it.

    For eg., if a flat is given to an "Investor" at 2700 per sq. ft. the same flat is given to the "General Public" or "Consumers" or "Buyers" at 3700 per sq.ft.

    What is your gain? You gain as much as 1000 per sq.ft which is a massive amount, an unimaginably magnificent, phenomenal discount.

    Right now, I am sharing with you guys only one such opportunity with one Builder wherein Investor Quota Apartments are available for 2700 psft - just 6 kms away from Meenakshi Mall, just opposite Amoda by Valmark, in Kammanahalli. This project will be a high rise tower of G + 14 or more. Launch in March 2012. About 110 apartments are planned in this project. This project area is the area or road behind Prestige Nottinghill. Project completion will be 2 years from launch date. Details about the project will be given by the MD of the company himself, when you are ready to meet him as an “Investor”.

    Quota is available now. The launch price will be 3500 psft for general public because that is the prevailing running rate there in that area, those familiar with Bannerghatta Road should know the price. If it is launched at 3700 psft, all the more beneficial, all the more good for you, if u invest now. You can even put it up for sale later when the project is launched by the builder.

    The catch is you will have to make 100% payment in advance when u sign the agreement with the Builder. For eg., if a flat of 3 bhk 1500 SFT launched at 3500 psft costs 52,50,000, you will get it at only 40 lakhs. U have to pay all 40.50 lakhs upfront in advance to get it at a discount. Then wait for project completion or put it up for re-sale, half way through construction.

    Message continued in next post.................
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    Message continued from previous post.............

    What Smart Investors do is, as the project progresses, as it reaches 8th, 9th or 10th floor, the price would have increased to something like 4200 per sq.ft. That is when this Investor who bought it at 2700 under "Investor's Quota" will put it up for sale at 4200 psft through the Builder or through newspaper advertisements, internet advts. etc. and make a Profitable Exit. Imagine the profit. Imagine what u can do with that money. If you sell, you are exiting at 63 lakhs now. 50% profit or price appreciation when the tower is still under construction, not yet ready to occupy. Since it will be ready to occupy in 3-6 months from that date, there will be many takers, many buyers, since most flats by then would all have got sold anyway, since it is so close to Meenakshi Mall and since the builder is a reputed builder. This builder already has a 240-apartment complex to his credit, built in a single complex, close to Meenakshi Mall – which was his 7th project in Bangalore. This means he is not a new market entrant.

    The above project will have all amenities, both with 2bhk and 3bhk units. So u could choose what fits into your budget.

    You will be signing an Agreement with the Managing Director himself, directly.

    Builders need Investors before a project is launched or when just launched. Not half way through the project. They are already well funded by then. So, they don’t need u then, half way through the project.

    Name of the builder, before u ask me, let me tell u now itself, will "of course" be given to you only after you are all fully convinced about the "viability" of this proposal, when you are ready to take a decision to become an “Investor”, when u are ready to meet the MD of the company.

    What you need to do is, you need to "dare", if you want to profit. Nobody in this world became big or rich without “daring”.

    No brokerage or commission is charged from anyone of you, from any Investor, by me. So, you can relax and rest, "assured". And courageously atleast, "explore" the opportunity.


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      Originally posted by RAVIKANTH View Post
      I wouldn’t care or bat an eyelid if all the 1.2 billion population of India drowns in the Arabian Sea and I am the only Last Man Standing.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?