Anyone has information on Kethana Eternal Blossom project in Outer ring road. anybody booked apartment there? Please give Feedback about the builder, project.. I am looking to book an aptmt .

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  • Hi Richard,
    I am too interested in Kethana Eternal Blossom project in Outer ring road. Did you finalize it?
  • Builders not got the commencement certificate from BBMP for Blossom project. If any one already bought or going to buy ask for commencement certificate as it is very mandatory. Without this , it is also difficult to get occupancy certificate. Springfield apartment already facing this problem as BDA asked them to vacate without commencement and occupancy certificate. go thru this link -



    Pls make sure that you get commencement certificate before buying flats here
  • I came across the same on another website
    Kethana Blossom | Near Cissco, IT Park | Kethana Eternal Projects | Best rates on Real Estate Bangalore

    Is the commencement certificate really important??
  • Hi,I book the flat in Kethana eternal blossom, builder has provided us all the legal documents & Builders has the commencement certificate from BBMP.
  • Hi,
    It would be helpful if you could share the feedback of the builder. willl it be a good investment?
  • Did any one buy flats in kethana eteranl blossom??
    Recently they were saying that they got the commencement certificate...Did any one cross check if it is true??Please let me know...We are planning to buy a flat over there too..
  • has any one bought a flat at this property...i like the place and the rate the builder is quoting...but not sure about the builder reputation or track record with previous project completion. The Website is not so up to the mark with no info or actual photos of the completed project...The location is GREAT so need some advice here...Assetz ard is good too but the build keep changing his rate every time i have called so i dropped the idea to go with it..but agn is a gd loc bharatsingh001@h.c
  • got some more info i'm told the project is approved by BBMP...they have the commencement certi HDFC, SBI & LIC have approved loans for the project. has any one visited their other project Orchid...howz teh finish..can u share some actual phots...
  • Is the 4th floor approved for this project ? In 1.5 acres, 134 flats seem to be a big number. Other builders build 110 flats at max in that much area.
  • I thought of booking a flat in this apartment. They are quoting 3550 now. Why I am thinking a lot is, still 40% of the flats are remain unsold eventhough they are 85% completed with the building. That looks bit weird. Can any of you let me know your feedback about this builder.
  • & they also seem to increase the price rapidly. i just visited the office this weekend & they have quoted 3750 as the base price for 2bhks, while 3900 per sqft for the garden facing ones. He then at the spot showed me the calculations in the excel sheet 3600 & mentioned that would be the best negotiated price!!
    Any clarification on the possession date? I was told Sep 2013. Its mentioned as Dec 2012 on commonfloor.com: Kethana Blossom | Kethana Blossom Bangalore Bellandur - Owners Portal, Buy, Sell, Rent Property & 2014 by proptiger.com: Kethana Blossom, Kethana Blossom Bellandur, Kethana Blossom Bangalore
    Please let me know if there is any confirmation on the same.